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Women of the Bible

Learn more about the women of the bible.

Bath-sheba Wife of David; mother of Solomon
Deborah A judge who defeated the Canaanites under Sisera.
Delilah Philistine woman who tricked Samson.
Dinah The only daughter of Jacob.
Esther Jewish captive in Persia; saved her people from destruction by the schemer Haman.
Eve The first woman.
Gomer The prophet Hosea's unfaithful wife.
Hagar Sarah's maid; mother of Ishmael.
Jezebel Wicked wife of King Ahab of the Northern Kingdom.
Jochebed Mother of Moses.
Miriam Sister of Moses.
Naomi Ruth's mother-in-law; great-great-grandmother of David.
Orpah Ruth's sister-in-law; Namoni's daughter-in-law.
Rachel Wife of Jacob.
Rahab Harlot who harbored Israel's spies; ancestor of Jesus.
Ruth Wife of Boaz, mother of Obed; great-grandmother of David; ancestor of Jesus.
Sarah Wife of Abraham; mother of Isaac.
Tamar A daughter of David.
Zipporah Wife of Moses.
Anna Recognized Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah.
Bernice Sister of Agrippa before whom Paul made his defense.
Candace A queen of Ethiopia.
Chloe A woman who knew of divisions in the church at Corinth.
Claudia Christian of Rome.
Damaris Woman of Athens converted under Paul's ministry.
Dorcas (Tabitha) Christian in Joppa who was raised from the dead by Peter.
Drusilla Wife of Felix; governor of Judea.
Elizabeth Mother of John the Baptist.
Eunice Mother of Timothy.
Herodious Queen who demanded the execution of John the Baptist.
Joanna Provided for the material needs of Jesus.
Lois Grandmother of Timothy.
Lydia Convert under Paul's ministry in Philippi.
Martha & Mary Sisters of Lazarus; friends of Jesus.
Phoebe A servant, perhaps a deaconess, in the church at Chechrea.
Priscilla Wife of Aquila; laborer with Paul at Corinth and Ephesus.
Salome Mother of Jesus's disciples, James and John.
Sapphira Lied about the nature of a gift of money in the early Christian community.
Susanna Provided for the material needs of Jesus.



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