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Stack #128001

Stack study for Ch 4

Mediastinum Space in chest between the pleural sac of the lungs
Apex Tip of heart
Myocardium Heart Muscle
Pericardial Fluid Protects Heart from friction
Atria 2 Upper chambers of heart
Ventricle 2 Lower chambers of heart
Septum Dividing wall between chambers
Tricuspid Valve 3 Flaps Right Atria
Mitral Valve 2 Flaps Left Atria
Sinotrial Node Natural pacemaker Stimulates heartbeat
Purkinje Fibers Fibers on wall that contract the ventricle
Pulmonary Circulation Circulation of blood from heart to lungs to heart
Coronary Circulation Blood supply that oxygenates heart muscle
Arteries blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart
Veins Blood vessel carries blood to the heart
Capillaries Where oxygen and Carbon Dioxide exchange takes place
Vasodilator Drug that relaxes muscle in vessel
Vasconstrictor Constricts blood vessel
hypo decreased
valvul valvo
-emia blood condition
tachy- slow
capill calplillary
-sclerosis hardening
hyper- excessive
thromb clot
-stenosis narrowing
sept septum wall
-lytic destroy
peri- surronding
phag swallow
brady- fast
aort aorta
phleb vein
arteri artery
ather fatty plauque
angi vessel
Created by: remi_shy