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Religion Exam.

Nicene Creed Summary of Catholic beliefs
Martyr One who willingly dies for the faith
Saint Katheri Tekawitha A Mohawk who came to know and love God
Saint Benedict Established a way of life based on work and prayer
Saint Peter First Pope; Bishop of Rome
Marks of the Church Characteristics of the Church
Pope John 23rd He wrote an an encyclical called "Peace on Earth"
Church Fathers Courageous leaders called by the Holy Spirit to explain the message of Jesus Christ
Catholic one of the four marks of the Church; means universal, for all.
Vatican Council II Twenty-first Ecumenical Council and the second to be held at Saint Peter's Basilica
Pilgrimage A visit to a sacred place
Ecumenical Council A general meeting bishops
Schism A split or sivision
Monastry A community of people bound by religious vows
Crusade Military expeditions undertaken by European Christians in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries to recover the Holy Land
Hersey A false teaching that denies the truth that God revealed
Devotions An external practice of piety
Canon Law Laws made by the Church leadership or authority
Constintine First Roman emperor to be converted to Christianity; made Christianity legal
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