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acute less then 6 months
chronic greater then 6 months - reinjury
what is osteoporesis loss of bone density
what causes osteoporesis loss of estrogen and calcium
what things can a client do to improve osteoporesis weight bearing activity, increase calcium
what modifications must be made to accommodate a patient with osteoporesis on your table sideline, light pressure, caution on joint mobile
osteopenia deficiency
Colles' fracture lower end of radius bone
simple fracture does not go through skin
compound fracture goes through skin
Potts' fracture end of fibula
Greenstick fracture happens to young - before osteofaction is complete
avulsion tendon or ligament breaks off bone
what massage technique would assist a client who has a cast removed from a fracture tapoment, vibration, lmyph work
what are the 3 diseases that are associated with nutritional or malabsorption of vit D and calcium rickets, paggets and osteomalacia
osteomyelitis infection of the bone (contraindicated)
what are the three types of tumors of the bone osteosarcoma, condrosarcoma and ewingsacroma
what is hyper-kyphosis increase curve of thoracic spine
what modifications must be made to someone who has hyper-kyphosis on your table sideline, bolster, no stretching, bolster abs, bolster shoulder
what is hyper-lordosis increase curve of the lumbar spine
what modifications must be made to someone who has hyper-lordosis on your table bolster abs and work on erector spinaes
what is scoliosis lateral rotation of spine (careful of convex curve)
what is a dislocation bones no longer articulate together
what is a subluxation partial articulating
what is a sprain ligament injury - over stretched
acute sprain - what would you do PRICE
chronic sprain - what would you do reduce adhesions - friction - ROM
why do sprains take longer to heal no good blood flow
define gout crystals in joint cavity
is gout regional or systemic contraindication systemic in big toe
lyme disease joint pain from deer tick
what is osteoarthritis inflamtion of joint
what causes osteoarthritis wear and tear
what can you do to assit someone with osteoarthritis increase ROM - circulation - water exercises
Spondylosis osteoarthritis of spine
Spondyloslysis distruction of vertebrae because of osteoarthritis
Spondylolisthesis shifting forward L4 - L5
Ankylosing Spondylitis autoimmune disease
Osteophytes bone spur
Lumbar Stenosis narrowing of the vertbral forman
Lumbar Stenosis signs and symptoms numbness and tingling
what is rheumatoid arthritis autoimmune disease of joints
what is contraindication of rheumatoid arthritis no friction - no PROM
what are herberdens nodules promante in RA - little bumps
what are the first line drugs for skeletal and joint conditions NSAIDS
how long should you wait to work on soft tissue that had a steroid injection 7 days
what is exacerbations and remissions worsing in symptoms - reverse
adhesive capsulitis fibrous in glenohumeral joint (work on subscapularis)
temporomandibular joint disorder wear and tear of TMJ
signs and symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder spasms, pain, clicking, popping, headaches
Osgood-schlatter disease hypertonic quads pulling on tibial tuborsity
what is a possible complication of Osgood-schlatter involsion fracture
Patellofemoral syndrome anterior knee pain
Chondromalacia patella syndrome anterior knee pain - articulation softening
Shin Splints overuse injury - muscles pulling on tibial bone
tenosynovitis inflamation of tendon sheath - wrist
bunion displacement of first metatarsal joint
hammertoes distal phalanges in flexion
Pes Cavus high arch
Pes Planus low arch - flat foot
Bursitis inflammation of bursa
gangloin cyst outpouch of synovial sheath
genu varum bow legged
arthoscopy visual inspection of joint
x-ray image of bone
MRI image of interal structure
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