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How much is Plasma of the blood volume? 55%
What are the components of plasma? Mostly water with dissolved substances
What is the normal blood volume for male and female? Male= 5-6 L and Female= 4-5 L
What is the most abundant cell? Eyrthrocytes
What is the purpose of RBC? Carry oxygen
What is eyrthropoietin? stimulates RBC production
When is eyrthropoietin stimulated? when Hypoxic or Decreased RBC count
What is the life span of a RBC? 120 days
What type of feedback system is the eyrthropoietin production? Negative
What is hemoglobin made of? made of Iron. Heme= binds to oxygen and globin= protein
What is transferrin? molecule that carries iron into the bone marrow for RBC production
What is the Hematocrit? What percent of the blood is RBC the average is 45%
What is polycythemia? too many blood cells-- high Hct
What is anemia? decreased RBC == decreased Hct
What is a reticulocyte? immature RBC
What is the normal range for WBC? 5000-10000
What are the 3 kinds of granulocytes? neutrophils, Basophils, and eosinophils
What are the 2 knids of agranulocytes? monocytes and lymphocytes
What do neutrophils do? perform phagocytosis
What do basophils do? Migrate to injured tissues and release histamine and heparin.--encourages inflammation
What do eosinophils do? Attacks anything covered in antibodies (allergies)
What do monocytes do? perform phagocytosis- when thy migrate into tissues they are called macrophages
What do lymphocytes do? major regulator of immune system = B/T lymphocytes
What is the roll of WBC in tissue typing? big with organ transplants
Where does antibody production take place? produced by B lymphocytes--proteins-- attacks microbes and foreign proteins
what are plasma cells? big activated B lymphocytes
What is the function of a platelet? platelet plug--clotting
What is the normal range for platelets? 150,000-450,000
What is the life span for a platelet? 9 days
What are the steps in the extrinsic pathway? damaged endothelial cells--release tissue factor--clotting factor 10 activation
What is the time for extrinsic pathway? 12-15 seconds of platelet formation
What are the steps in the intrinsic pathway? collagen under enothelial lining exposed to blood--- activation of clotting factor 10
What is the time for intrinsic pathway? 5-10 min of platelet aggregation
What are the steps in the common pathway? intrinsic and extrinsic converge to make common pathway once clotting factor X is released--factor X causes prothrombanase-->prothrombin-->thrombin--> fibrinogen--> fibrin
What are the steps in platelet plug formation? Adhesion--activation--aggrgation
What is adhesion? platelets start sticking with VWB factor
What is activation? change shape-- releases chemicals (ADP and Thromboxane)--which releases calcium
What is Vitamin K? used in liver to make prothrombin--found in green leafy veggies--made from bacteria in intestines
What is tissue factor? clotting factor III released by enodthelial cells
what is prothrombinase? An enzyme that converts prothrombin into thrombin is formed by activated clotting factor X
What is fibrin? protein thread-- that holds clot and platelets together
What is vonWillibrand factor? initiates platelet adheasion- released by endothelial cells
What is collagen? protein--exposure of collagen in blood veseel wall is what starts intrinsic pathway
What is GpIIb/IIIa receptors? platelet receptors- bind to fibrin when actiavted
What is calcium and GpIIb/IIIa receptors? calcium is an intracellular ion that helps to activate platelets
what is clot retraction? clot shrinking to pull the edges of blood vessel or wound together
What is fibrinolysis? distruction of cells
What is plasmin? breaks/dissolves fibrin clot--found in blood
what is a thrombus? inappropriate blood clot formation-- not anchored to blood vessel
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