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Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Disordered response to intestinal bacteria Crohn's
Autoimmune etiology Ulcerative colitis
Rectal sparing Crohn's
More commonly involves ileum Crohn's
Skip lesions Crohn's
Continuous lesions Ulcerative colitis
Rectal involvement Ulcerative colitis
Cobblestone mucosa Crohn's
Transmural inflammation Crohn's
Mucosal & submucosal inflammation only Ulcerative colitis
Friable pseudopolyps with freely hanging mesentery Ulcerative colitis
Creeping fat Crohn's
String sign on barium swallow Crohn's
Lead pipe appearance due to loss of haustra Ulcerative colitis
Linear ulcers, fissures, and fistulas Crohn's
Right lower quadrant pain Crohn's
Left lower quadrant pain Ulcerative colitis
NOD2 mutation association Crohn's
Noncaseating granulomas Crohn's
Lymphoid aggregates Crohn's
Crypt abscesses Ulcerative colitis
Ulcers and bleeding without granulomas Ulcerative colitis
Th1-mediated response Crohn's
Th2-mediated response Ulcerative colitis
Perianal disease Crohn's
Primary sclerosing cholangitis Ulcerative colitis
Toxic megacolon Crohn's
Bloody diarrhea more common Ulcerative colitis
Migratory polyarthritis Crohn's
Erythema nodosum Crohn's
Pyoderma gangrenosum Ulcerative colitis
Sometimes p-ANCA positive Ulcerative colitis
Renal calculi Crohn's
Recurs after surgery Crohn's
Treated with colectomy Ulcerative colitis
Collections of neutrophils within crypts of Leiberkuhn Ulcerative colitis
Regional enteritis Crohn's
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