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A-History Final

History Review Ch. 1-18 6th grade

Communist leader who agreed to a plan of "restructuring" Mikhail Gorbachev
American war in which the North and South fought against each other Civil War
an Islamic terrorist group responsible for attacks including the 9/11 attack al Quaeda
the U.S. entered World War II because of this attack Pearl Harbor
second longest and largest river in the world Amazon
world's largest shell Horse
first successful English colony in America Jamestown
largest canyon in the world Grand Canyon
most prominent landform in eastern North America Appalachian Mountains
permanently frozen ground permafrost
first European city in the Americas Isabela
second largest country in the world Canada
capital of Equador Quito
man who led the expedition that discovered the North Pole Peary
Indians who built the first great civilization of the Western Hemisphere Inca
one of the countries where the U.S. military attacked terrorists in the "War on Terror" Afighanistan
first American to orbit earth John Glenn
Operation Desert Storm was directed against this country Iraq
person who wants to preserve traditional beliefs and values Conservative
President during World War I Woodrow Wilson
second largest island in the West Indies Hispaniola
language of the Incas Quecha
agreement or understanding between two or more countries treaty
probably the greatest inventor in history Thomas Edison
cruel dictator of the Soviet Union during World War I Joseph Stalin
most famous pioneer during colonial times Daniel Boone
world's largest island Greenland
capital of the Confederate States during the Civil War Richmond
the first black man to reach the North Pole Matthew Henry
the power of Germany, Italy, and Japan during World War II Adolf Hitler
one of the best known circuit-riding preachers Peter Cartwright
turning point of the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg
founder of the Methodist church John Weasley
emperor of the Aztecs Montezuma
Spanish explorer who conquered the Aztecs Hernando Corte`s
capital of Puerto Rico San Juan
what country is called the "Island of Springs",and its capital is Kingston Jamaica
what two countries make up Hispaniola Hati and the Dominican Republic
where is probaly the place where Columbus landed San Salvador
the only country the U.S. owns Virgin Islands
largest island in the West Indies Cuba
when people are given a fixed daily allowance of food rationed
the zone between the Tropic of Cancer and Capicorn Torrid Zone
largest rodent in the world Capybara
world's largest tropical rain forest Amazon River Basin
Created by: vwalker5