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Ancient Rome Review

What is it called when a group of citizens organize a demonstration or plan to take charge of a government? Revolt
What was the role that the consuls played? Army commanders
The oldest and most powerful branch of the Roman Republic. It was controlled by the wealthy patricians. It determined how the money collected by the government was to be used. Senate
Representatives who worked to protect the rights of the plebeians in the government. Assembly
Could propose new laws for Rome. They were elected by the citizen assembly. consuls
People elected to act for the citizens of Rome. representatives
Who fought in the Punic Wars? Rome and Carthage
The laws that the plebeians demanded be published for all citizens to see Twelve Tables
Where is Rome located? on the Italian peninsula
Describe the patricians. They were members of Rome's powerful and wealthy families.
Describe the plebeians. Farmers, tradespeople and craft workers.
What was the language that Ancient Romans spoke? Latin
What is a dictator? A ruler with complete control.
What served as a natural protection for Rome? mountains (Alps and Apennines)
What is a republic? a form of government in which citizens elect representatives to speak or act for them.
Who was Julius Caesar? Julius Caesar was a powerful general who eventually made himself dictator of Rome. He gained a lot of territory for Rome and made Rome very powerful.
How did Julius Caesar die? He was assassinated by his enemies because they were afraid he would become so powerful and make himself king.
Who was Cleopatra? An Egyptian queen who supported Julius Caesar in the civil war in Rome.
Who was Augustus Caesar? He was the grand nephew of Julius Caesar. He was acclaimed emperor of rome and reformed the government of Rome.
Describe the Pax Romana. A period of peace that began with the rule of Augustus and lasted 200 years.
Who was Jesus? A Jewish religious leader whose teachings became the foundation of Christianity.
Christianity is what type of religion? monotheistic
What happened to the founder of Christianity? He was put to death because Roman's were afraid of his popularity and that he would become king.
This emperor ended the persecution of Christians. Constantine
Which city did Constantine move his empire to? Byzantium (eventually became Constantinople)
Who was Diocletian? A Roman emperor who divided the Roman Empire in two.
What is the name of the empire that continued on after the fall of the Roman empire? Byzantine Empire
Who were the people that spread the message of Jesus? the Apostles
Who helped women gain rights? Theodora
Who was victorious against Hannibal at the Battle of Zama? Scipio Africanus
Created by: mrs.verano