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Chapter 12

Questions from Chapter 12

Retail activities which tend to concentrate in the CBD include those which have... B) Service for office workers
Public transportation is better suited for commuting to the CBD primarily because... B) Each traveler take up less space
Because so few people live in the CBD, urban areas are characterized by a high degree of... D) Commuting
The most important political reason for the origin of settlements was a place to... D) Protect the group's assets
Economic reasons for settlements include which of the following? E) All of the above (Trading, warehousing, defense, maufactureing)
Residents of rural settlements are more likely than residents of urban settlements to work in... D) Agriculture
Rurual settlements differ from urban settlements primarily according to which type of acivity? B) Econimic
The French long-lot system was developed primarily because of... E) Need for access to a river
The plantation was a common form of rural settlement in whichi region of colonial America? B) Southeast
The fall of the Roman Empire in the fifth centrury A.D. brought about what change in urban settlements? A) Reduction in urban populaion
The typical medieval European urban settlements were characterized by the... E) Placement of buildings around a cenral market square
The city-state is an example of... C) A state dominated by its major city
Business services provide what kind of services? C) Services to business
The area surrounding a service from which customers are attracted is the... D) Hinterland
According to the gravity model, the potential us of a service at a location is related... A) Directly to population and inversely to distance
Large setlements are... D) Less munerous and farther apart
If a country follows the rank-size rule, if the largest city has 1,000,000 inhabitants and the second larest city has 200,000 inhabitants, the country follows what distribution? C) Primate city
Why is the absence of a rank-size distribution sinificant in a country like Romania? Consumers do not all have access to goods and services
A firm that sells its products primarily to consumers ouside its settlement is a... D) Basic industry
The hierarchiacal organization of settlements by size is known as the... D) Rank-size rule
LDCs specialize in what two types of business services? d) Offshore financial and back office
Recent decades have seen greatest employment increases in which consumer service sector? B) Health
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