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Chapter 10

Questions from Chapter 10

Hunting and gathering societies E) Are characterized by large concentrations of people
The cultivation of plants by cutting stems and dividing roots is... C) Subsistence agriculture
Vegetative planting probably originated in... D) Southwest Asia
In the Eastern Hemisphere, seed agriculture probably originated in which of the following?
The first group to integrate seed ariculture with domestication of herd animals was probably in... A) Southwest Asia
Seed agriculture probably reached Europe from... C) Western India
Shifting cultivation is most commonly found in which climate region? C) Humid low-latitude
Which type of agriculture occupies the largest percentage of the world's land area? B) Intensive subsistence
Defenders of shifting cultivation say it is the best approach for the topics because...
Only about 15 million people are nomads, but they sparsely occupy...
Compared to shifting cultivation, intesnive subsistence agriculture is characterized by which of the following?
Asian agriculture is characterized by shortages of all but which of the following?
Which of the following is a typical practice in growing rice in Asia? E) All of the above (Floding the plowed field with water, growing seedlings in a mursery, transplanting seedlings into the flooded field, preparing fields with a plow drawn by oxen)
The most important reason why most people in North China grow crops other than wet rice is...
Pastoral nomadism is the most ommonly found in which climate region?
Pastoral nomads...
To increase crop yields, farmers in southeastern China commonly practice...
A principal practice of sustainable agriculture is... E) A, B, and C (Limited us of chemicals, sensitive land management, better integration of crops and livestock)
Which of the following is the most common form of commercial agriculture in Europe? E) Mixed crop and livestock farming
After corn, the most important crop in the U.S. mixed crop and livestock region is... C) Soybeans
Which of the following is NOT a strategy for increasing food supply?
In the winter wheat area, the crop is planted in...
Ranching has declined in the southwestern United States primarily because...
A good bottle of wine is most likely to come from...
Farmers in more developed and less developed countries share which of the following problems?
Less devoped countries generate funds to promote development through...
the predominant form of agriculture in the U.S. Southeast is...
Unlike other forms of commercial agriculture, plantations are...
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