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Russian Revolution

Vocabulary GCA WHII

TermDefinitionTime Period
Russian Revolution overthrow of absolute monarchy to a communist Russia Russian Revolution
1917 year of russian revolution Russian Revolution
tsar emperor or leader of russia Russian Revolution
soviets local counsils of peasants, workers, and soldiers Russian Revolution
Nicholas II tsar of russia, weak and incompetent Russian Revolution
Bloody Sunday 200,000 people marched and demanded rights Russian Revolution
Duma Russian parliament Russian Revolution
Russo-Japanese War russia lost to japan, an inferior nation, in this war Russian Revolution
Rasputin fraudulent monk, greedy and corrupt Russian Revolution
February Revolution 200,000 workers went on strike; nicholas II stepped down; gov't established Russian Revolution
abdicate to step down Russian Revolution
Bolshevik communist political party, ideals of Marx, change through violence Russian Revolution
Russian Civil War communists vs. anti-bolsheviks Russian Revolution
Vladimir Lenin Bolshevik leader, believed in violent revolution; created NEP Russian Revolution
Leon Trotsky commander of communist red army; fought Stalin for control after Lenin Russian Revolution
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; soviet russia Russian Revolution
New Economic Policy (NEP) Lenin's temporary retreat from communism to rebuild economy using forms of capitalism Russian Revolution
Joseph Stalin dictator of USSR; created 5-year plans, collectivized agriculture, used Secret Police during Great Purge Russian Revolution
Totalitarianism gov't controls every aspect of public and private life Russian Revolution
command economy gov't makes all decisions Russian Revolution
5 Year Plans created to restore russia's economy in 5 years Russian Revolution
collectivized agriculture agriculture is brought under central gov't control and redistributed Russian Revolution
Reign of Terror secret police, great purge, censorship Russian Revolution
Propaganda biased info to spread ideals Russian Revolution
R –E –V –O –L –T -S Russia lost to japan Every peasant wants land Violence Overthrow of gov't Lenin Totalitarianism Stalin Russian Revolution
censorship religious persecution Russian Revolution
secret police monitored people's telephones and mail; forced compliance Russian Revolution
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