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Age of Discovery

Vocabulary GCA WHII

TermDefinitionTime Period
Age of Discovery the movement of Europeans trying to get to Asian goods without going through Ottomans/ The expanding econimies of European states stimulated trade with new markets in Asia Age of Discovery
“Gold, God, Glory” motives that contribute to the European discovery of lands in the western hemisphere Age of Discovery
maritime sea routes for trade Age of Discovery
diffusion spreading of ideas Age of Discovery
the East Japan, China, India, SE Asia Age of Discovery
Age of Exploration time when explorers navigated the seas using astronomy and geometry Age of Discovery
navigate operated or controlled Age of Discovery
Astrolabe determine the altitude of objects Age of Discovery
Caravel small, maneuverable ship Age of Discovery
Prince Henry the Navigator from portugal, established a school for mapmaking. shipbuilding, and navigation, and provided overseas exploration funding Age of Discovery
trading posts places that Europeans established in Africa, Asia, and the Americas for trade Age of Discovery
colonies established European nations in Africa, Asia, and in the Americas that created new cultural and social patterns when migration occured of Europeans Age of Discovery
Vasco da Gama man who sailed around the southern tip of Africa to get to India from Portugal Age of Discovery
Christopher Columbus man who discovered the Western Hemisphere; from Spain; started the Columbian Exchange Age of Discovery
Columbian Exchange the exchange of items between the Old World and the New World Age of Discovery
Old World Europe Age of Discovery
New World America Age of Discovery
Ferdinand Magellan man/crew who circumnavigated the world but he died in the Philippines;from Spain Age of Discovery
circumnavigate to travel around the entire Earth Age of Discovery
Conquistadors Spanish conquerors/explorers who sailed to the Americas to obtain gold, silver, and other treasures by whatever means possible-very brutal Age of Discovery
Hernando Cortez Conquistador that conquered the Aztec Empire(with Guns,Germs,steel,and lots of Native Americans) Age of Discovery
Francisco Pizarro Conquistador that conquered that Inca Age of Discovery
Francis Drake Defeated the Spanish Armada(Navy) and was a pirate, also circumnavigated the globe and lived; from England Age of Discovery
Jacques Cartier Made good relations with Native Americans in Canada; from France Age of Discovery
cash crops specifically grown to be sold for profit Age of Discovery
plantation system mass production on large farms Age of Discovery
indigenous local Age of Discovery
triangular trade a trade pattern between Europe, Africa, and the Americas through the trade of slaves, sugar, and rum Age of Discovery
Middle Passage the second leg ( Africa- New World) Age of Discovery
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