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Ap Final Vocab

Absolute Distance the distance that can be measure with a standard unit of length
Absolute Location the exact position of an object or place,measured within a grid system
Accesibility the relative ease with which a destination may be reached from an other place
Anthropogenic human induced changes on the enviroment
Azimuthal projection a map projetion formed with a flat piece of paper on top of the globe
Breaking point the outer edge of a citys sphere of influence or in retail the place to meet for resources
Carl Sauer defined the cultrual landscape resulting from human and envioment interactions
Cartograms maps that make an object the largest in scale to put emphazies
Cartography the art of map making
Cloropleth Map the map a person makes of a location in there mind
Complementarity the actual relationship between two places like economic interactions
Connectivity the degree of economic,social,cultural, or political connections between two places
Contagious diffusion the spread of a disease innovation or ciltral traits through direct contact
Cultrual ecology the study of the interactions between societes and the natural enviroment in which they live
Cultral Landscape the human modified natrual landscape containg the imprint of a particular culture
Distance Decay effect the decreaae in interacyion between two places as the distiance between them increases
Enviromental Geography the intersection between human and physical geography studys the impact of humans on nature and vise versa
Expansion diffusion the spread of ideas to surronding areas through contact and exchange
Fertile Cresent streach from thw nile valley into syria and iraq where agriculture and civilization started in 8000 BC
Formal Region Definiton of regions based on common themese like language climate etc
Friction distance a measure of how much aboslute distance affects the interaction between two places
Fuller projection mantains the size of land masses but changes direction
Functional Rehion defenition of regions based on a comman function like the boundary line of a newspaper
Geographical infromational system GIS set of computure tools to store geographic data
Global Positioning system set of sateliites orbiting the earth to help dertmine location of objects
Gravity Model a mathamatical formula that describes the level of interacion of two places based on size of population and distance
Hierarchical diffusion a type of diffusion in which something is transmitted between places beacuse of a physical or clutral community between them
Human geography the study of patterns and process related to human activity
International Date line 180 merdian
Latitude north to south of equator called parreles
Longitude go east or west of prime merdian called meridians
Perceptual region Highly indivulized of regions based on percieved commonalites
Peters projection centered on africa
physical geography the realm of geography that studies the structures processes distribution and changes through time on earths surface
Preference map a map that displays individual preferences for certain places
qualatative data based on interviews,observation words
quanataive data mathamatical data
reference map shows refrence to a place useful for finding landmarks
relative distance the measure of distance that shows the amount of social cultrual and economic connectivity between places
Relocation diffusion spreading of ideas through migration
Robinsion projection minimizes erros in each distortion
site the abosulte location of a place describe by physical and cultral characteristics
situation the relative location of a place based on surronding characteristics
Spatial Diffusion the ways in which ideas travel over space
thematic map shows one or more variales
Arithmetic density the number of people living in a gien unit area
baby boom in 1940 and 1960 after World War 2
Baby bust 1960-1970 vitenam war
child mortatilty rate the number of death oer thousand of children
cohort a group with a common charcateristic
demography the study of human population
thomas malthus claims populattion grows exponteially food grows arthmetically
expontenional growth grothw that occurs when a fixed percentage of people is added to a population growth
maternal mortality rate number of death per thousand of women giving birth
Neo-Malthusian population control programs to ensure food for future population
physilogical density a ratio of human population of the area crop land used in susbstent argiculture
population density the number of people in an area
population geography a divison of human geography concerned with spatial variations in distribution growth and movments of population
rust belt northern industrial areas ohio, michigan,etc people left for cheaper land
sun belt sw and sec states
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