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Middle Ages Voc.

Middle Ages Voc. words

feudalism government by land owning nobles; system worked due to feelings of loyalty and duty for all involved
scabbard A special holder for a sword
homage pledge of loyalty given by a vassal to a lord
knights warriors on horseback
castle fortress built of stone
bailiff official who made sure the peasants worked hard
vassal noble who served a lord of higher rank
serfs people bound by law to serve the lord and work the land; not slaves, but not free
page a very young boy who helped the knights; started around age 7
keep tall castle tower
fief feudal estate granted to a vassal by his lord; could be a few acres to thousands of acres & could include towns, people, etc.
Ladies noblewomen
clergy religious leaders
code of chivalry rules for knights
joust contest of strength using blunt lances
squire teenager training to become a knight
palisade high wooden fence
freemen peasants who paid the lord for the right to farm the land
tournament special contest for knights
manor a farming community
dubbing ceremony to become a knight
destriers war horses
senschal official who looked after the lord's fiefs
portcullis heavy iron gate
Middle Ages period between "ancient world" and the "modern world"
Medieval Latin term for "Middle Ages"; period between "ancient world" and the "modern world"
monastery special place where monks lived
Christendom large community of Christians around the world, primarily in Western Europe
Created by: Dr. Bohny