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how many bones are in the body 206
bone is comprised of osseous tissue
osseous tissue is specialized _____ connective tissue
the skeletal system of a fetus is composed of cartilage
cancellous (spongy bone) lots of open spaces
compact bone no spaces
what are the functions of the skeletal system protects, produces blood and movement
what is piezoelectric quality minute electrical responses
what component gives this quality to bone tissue collagen
the entire ossification process takes 20- 25 years
what is remodeling? the continual changing of bone in response to functional demands
what is osteocytes mature bone cells
what are osteoblasts build up bone
what are osteoclasts break down bone
what factors affect bone growth minerals, vitamins, hormones
what 2 hormones are responsible for bone growth and development estrogen and testosterone
long longer than they are wide
flat thin and flattened
short cube shaped
irregular does not fit other categories
sesamoid small and round
when a bone has a depression it is usually called a fossa
a small bony projection is called process
a rough area on a bone that has a visual line is called ridge, grove
haversian canals carries blood to heart
medullary cavity center of bone - red bone marrow
trabeculae projections of spongy bone
what does yellow marrow primarly do? stores fat
what is red marrow hematopoietic tissue
where is red marrow found in adults femur, humerus, sternum, ilium and vertebrae
what is the endosteum lines the meddularie cavity
where is the periosteum covers all bones
what does CT do for bone health bone growth
where is the epiphysis spongy bone covered by thin layer compact bone
where is the diaphysis shaft of long bone
appositional growth bone growth occure in diameter
what is an articulation joints
what is the articular cartilage CT that is largely avascular
how can a MT impact tissue ROM, joint mobile
articulating cartilage is located at the ends of bones
what is the primary ingredient in articulating cartilage collagen
ligaments attach ____ to bone bone
tendons attach ____ to bone mucle
which ligament attaches to the external occipital protuberance of the skull nuchal ligament
where is the anterior and posterior longitudinal ligament both on spine attach to vertebrae
what are tendons dense fibrous connective tissue, attach to bones
where is bursa generally located around joints
what purpose does bursa serve reduce friction
what is bursa connective tissue sack with synovial fluid
what is the name of fibrocartilaginous pad in the knee joint meniscus
articular discs assist bones that do not quite fit together, creat a better fitting joint, such as the temperal mendipular joint
tendon sheaths CT over tendon
what is tendon sheath filled with synovial fluid
what purpose does tendon sheaths serve reduce friction, protects tendon over movable parts
synarthrosis little to none
amphiartrosis modiate but limited
diarthroisis freely moveable
what is a typical synarthroisis joint sutres of craninam
what is a typical amphiarthroisis joint vertebral disk
what is a typical diarthrosis joint shoulder hip
what tupe of joint has a joint capsule diarthiosis
what is the outer layer of the joint capsule called joint capusal
what is the primary ingredient collegen
what is the inner layer of joint capsule called inner synovial membrane
what is the fluid inside this joint called synovial fluid
what is the purpose of the the fluid protect and cushion
what impact can a MT have on joint capsules increase circulation
what is thixotropic liquid when aggitated
flexion movement of joint
extension increase angle
hyperextension beyond normal movement
abduction away from midine
adduction towards midline
rotation right to left
elevation brings up
depression brings down
protaction brings body part anterior
retraction brings body part posterior
pronation palm down
supination palm up
eversion tarsal bone away from midline
inversion tarsal bone inward
dorsiflexion movement of ankle joint
plantar flexion ankle joint moves inferior
hinge joint elbow and ankle joint
pivot joint radio ulnar joint c1/c2 skull
condyloid joint phalanges c1/skull
gliding joint spine ribs/sternum
ball and socket joint hip joint - femur
the stability of a joint depends on muscles, joint capsules and shape of the bones
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