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Global I Vocabulary

Absolute Monarch ruler with complete authority over the government and lives of the people he or she governs
Bourgeoisie the middle class
Catherine the Great became the leader of Russia in 1762, she reorganized the government codified laws and began state education
Coup d’etat a violent overthrow of a government, as when Napoleon overthrew the Directory
Declaration of the Rights of Man French document modeled after the American Declaration of Independence, it stated that all men were “born and remain free and equal in rights”
Divine Right belief that a ruler’s authority comes directly from God
Limited Monarchy government in which a constitution or legislative body limits the monarch’s powers
National Assembly group that drafted a constitution and worked on solving France’s financial problems
John Locke Wrote Two Treatises of Government, an English writer who believed that all humans had certain natural rights
Suffrage Right to vote
King Louis XIV absolute monarch of France referred to as the “Sun King”
Baron de Montesquieu wrote The Spirit of Laws which designed a three branch system of government
Napoleon Bonaparte French General who became self-proclaimed Emperor of France
Peter the Great Russian Czar who westernized Russia and centralized royal power
Jean-Jacques Rousseau a French writer, stressed that man was born free and then became corrupt
Thomas Hobbes wrote the Leviathan, supported absolutism because man is naturally evil and must be controlled by the government
Voltaire French writer, wrote about rulers who abused their power
Otto Von Bismarck Nationalist Prime Minister of Germany who utilized a plan of “Blood and Iron” to unify the country
Giuseppe Garibaldi Italian nationalist who led his “Red Shirts” in the quest to create Italy
Nationalism A strong feeling of pride in and devotion to one’s country
Autocrat ruler who has complete authority
Created by: LHSZollitsch