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HI 6 chpt12


How many years did King David rule? 40 years
Who succeeded King David as king? Solomon
How was Solomon related to King David? he was his son
How long did Solomon rule? 40 years
If you wanted to learn about Solomon's reign where would you look in the Bible? First Book Kings and Second Book of Chronicles
How is David remembered? as a warrior
How is Solomon remembered? as a diplomat
Whose reign was known as a time of peace and prosperity? Solomon
What is Solomon's reign known as? a time of peace and prosperity
Which country was richer than it had ever been during Solomon's reign? Israel
Who began to enjoy a life of plenty during Solomon's reign? common people
What word means a life of plenty? prosperity
What did Solomon begin to construct during his reign? Temple in Jerusalem
What significant step was taken in regards to the Bible when Solomon was king? assembling the Bible
When God appeared to Solomon in a dream and promised him anything he wished, what did Solomon reply? Give your servant an understanding heart to judge your people and to distinguish right from wrong.
What is the knowledge and ability to recognize and follow God's will in our lives called? wisdom
I strengthen you to live as Jesus's disciples and I share the seven spiritual gifts...who am I? Holy Spirit
Where do we receive the seven spiritual gifts? during the sacrament of Confirmation
Solomon's Temple was the center of worship to whom? the one true God
What was the center of worship to the one true God? Solomon's Temple
What two rooms made up Solomon's Temple? 1. sanctuary (holy of holies) 2. nave
Where was the sanctuary in Solomon's Temple? the innermost part of the temple
Who was the sanctuary reserved for? reserved exclusively for God
Who was the only one who could enter the sanctuary of holy of holies? the High Priest
What was contained inside the holy of holies? ark of the covenant
What protected the ark of the covenant? two huge statues of angles called cherubim
What did the cherubims symbolize? they were symbols of God's presence in the sanctuary
Where was God believed to reside? the ark of the covenant
Describe God's appearance in the ark of the covenant? he was invisible
The successful completion of the Temple symbolized what in regards to God's presence? permanent presence among his chosen people in their promised land
During the reign of David and Solomon what were the two most important writings that were completed or begun? 1. Book of Psalms 2 Song of Songs
What group of people pray the psalms? Jewish people
What do the Jewish people pray? the psalms
When do Catholics pray the psalms? Mass
Where are the psalms found? Liturgy of the Hours
To celebrate occasions in the reign of a king which group os psalms do you go to? Royal Psalms
What hymns are used in public worship, focusing on God's power and mighty acts or on the the glory of Zion> Hymns praising God and Zion
A poem or song expressing sorrow, mourning, or regrets is called? Laments
Psalms written to teach are called? Wisdom Poems
What is a collection of love poems composed by Solomon? Songs of Songs
The ______is the one who loves, and the ____are his beloved. Lord, Isralelites
Created by: douglastmo
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