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(Willis) FR1

(Willis) Final Review

The Greek alphabet was based on the ___________ alphabet. Phoenician
_________ Democracy is the type where the people decide on matters of government. Direct
The naval battle that helped the Greeks win the second Persian War was called _________. Salamis
______ thought that philosopher-kings should head governments and that both men and women should be given equal education. Plato
________ reunited Greece and conquered the Persian Empire, freeing the Greek cities in Asia Minor from Persian rule. Alexander
_________ wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. Homer
The _________ Era was one of achievement that produced a great body of science, art, architecture, literature, & philosophy. Hellenistic
_____ was the Greek city-state that focused on government and education. Athens
________ is considered by many to be the greatest historian of the ancient world because he emphasized accuracy of facts. Thucydides
Many mountains & islands separated the Greeks, dividing them in to independent_____-_____. City States
A type of rule in which all citizens share in the running of the government is called a __________. Democracy
The government of Athens & our own government are similar because they are both democracies that allow voting for all ___________. citizens
Greek culture spread to many parts of the world because of the conquests of _______. Alexander the Great
According to a traditional legend, ____________ & __________ founded the city of Rome. Romulus and Remus
At the Battle of Actium, Octavian defeated _________ & __________. Antony and Cleopatra
__________ helped Byzantine women gain more rights. Theodora
________ was the Roman Emperor who took power in A.D. 284 & introduced many reforms. Diocletian
As time passed, the _____________ Empire became more Greek than Roman. Byzantine
__________ was the Byzantine Emperor tried to reunite the Roman Empire. Justinian
From the A.D. 500s to the A.D. 1100s, the ______________ Empire was a crossroads of trade. Byzantine
A man made channel used for carrying water long distances is called an ___________. aqueduct
The period of peace and prosperity during the Roman Empire that lasted for nearly two hundred years was called the __________. Pax Romana
Justinian’s plague & the Black Death both reduced the ________. population
After the fall of Rome, the ______ became skilled sailors because they relied on the sea for food & trade. Vikings
Created by: chadmw