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Gospel of John (2)

Peterman Undergrad Course MBI

Although he was not technically the High Priest, he figures prominently on the trial of Jesus Annas (former high priest and father-in-law of Caiaphas)
What three things will the Spirit convict the world about? Sin (not believing in Jesus), righteousness (the lack of it), and judgment (the world's judgments are erroneous)
The view that two seemingly contradictory views can somehow work together (ie., divine sovereignty and human responsibility) Compatibilism
What label does Jesus use in John 10 that was a common ascription of both kings and gods in the ANE? Shepherd
What miraculous happening isn't one of Kostenberger's seven signs? Jesus walking on the water, Jn. 6
What picture/symbol of Israel is found in Isa 5:1-7, Ezek 15:1-8, Hos 10:1-2 and Ps 80:8-15? A vine that the Lord has planted
Three associations brought up by Jesus' shepherd metaphor Kingly/divine, failure of Israel's shepherds and the sacrificial nature of the work
John's theology of unbelief is drawn from this OT prophet: Isaiah, esp 6:9-10
According to Kostenberger, how many signs are there in John's gospel? 7
What are three significant events in chapter 6? Jesus (a) feeds 5,000 (b) walks on water (c) Bread of Life discourse
OT: The first ascription of the title "shepherd" is made by this patriarch: Jacob, Gen 48
What illustration does Jesus use to encourage the disciples to remain in His love? the vine (Jn 15)
When John mentions, "Not one of His bones will be broken," what Scripture is he referencing? Ex. 12 (Passover Lamb)
Although not miraculous, Kostenberger considers it one of the seven signs in John's gospel The Cleansing of the Temple (Jn 2)
What are three reasons the world can't receive the Spirit? (1) world doesn't believe (2)world has no ability to understand the Spirit and (3) it is a false world (in ct. to Spirit's truth)
In what verse do we find the "Johannine Pentecost"? John 20:22 ("And with that he breathed on them and said, 'Receive the Holy Spirit'.")
What three groups does Jesus pray for in John 17? Himself, the disciples and future believers
Where is the most extensive indictment of Israel's bad shepherds in the Bible? Ezek. 34
What does Mary Magdalene think has happened to Jesus at first when His tomb is empty? Grave robbery!
After what event did the Pharisees begin plotting to kill Jesus? The resurrection of Lazarus (John 11)
In John, to what does the expression "lifted up" refer? Crucifixion/humiliation and resurrection/glorification
Where was Jesus for the first part of His trial? In Annas' courtyard.
What religious group likes Jn. 14:28 ("The Father is greater than I")? JW
What two ways has the purpose statement in John been translated? 1) Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God or 2)that the Christ, the Son of God, is Jesus
What are three major themes seen in Jesus' Jn. 17 prayer? glory, keeping/protecting, and unity
What, according to Jn. 16:13, is a similarity between the way the Son of God and the Spirit reveal the Father? Neither "speak on their own authority"
What are three aspects of knowing God? 1) Covenant relationship, 2) Understanding His character and ways, and 3) Loving and obeying Him
What makes Jesus' command to "love one another" a new command? The qualifying statement "as I have loved you" (Jesus Himself set the example)
What two places in the OT does the term "Holy Spirit" occur? Ps. 51:10 and Isa 63:10-11
In which three John chapters does Jesus give unique teaching about the coming and ministry of the Spirit? 14, 15 and 16
What OT chapter does John reference when he says, "...'they divided my garments'..." Psalm 22
What are three ways Jesus replaces OT structures, figures and events? 1) Moses (Jn 1), 2) Temple (Jn 2) and 3) Manna (Jn 6)
How do we demonstrate we are friends of Jesus? We "do what He commands" (John 15:14)
What prior little-used term appears 12x in John 18? "King"
What are three ironic statements that appear during the trial or crucifixion of Jesus? 1) Barabbas is released 2) Pilate claims to have authority over Jesus 3) Soldiers mock Jesus 4) Jesus is worthy of death b/c he makes himself God's son 5) Pilate calls Jesus 'king of the Jews'
Whose approach prompts Jesus to say, The hour has come? The Gentiles (John 12)
Whom does Jesus personally encounter at the tomb in Jn 20? Mary Magdalene
What is the purpose of John's gospel, and where do we find it? Evangelism (that you may believe that the Christ, the Son of God, is Jesus -- Jn. 20:30-31
Even these chapters can fit into John's stated EV purpose b/c they help explain the cost and the power of being a Christian: John 13-17
Some Scripture fulfillment in John happens as prediction/completion; some happens this way: Typology (repetition of events)
If there was a Biblical basis for the Jews request that Jesus be executed, where and what was it? Lev. 24:16, blasphemy
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