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Stover Chapter 32

World War II

Great Britain and France declared war on Germany in response to Germany's invasion of Poland
Germany's strategy of "lightening war" was called blitzkrieg
In 1940, 338,000 Allied forces were rescued by sea from Dunkirk
The Lend-Lease Act allowed the U.S. to send weapons to the Allies
The tide of the war in the Pacific turned against the Japanese Battle of Midway
The strategy of "island hopping" involved Allied attacks on islands that were not very well defended
The Germans were defeated in the Battle of the Bulge by the Russian troops and the Russian winter
What country did Japan not conquer in the Pacific during WW II? Australia
The Nuremburg trials addressed what event in Germany Holocaust
The head of the government after in Japan after WWII was the ___________, who was selected by the _________ prime minister, Diet
The Battle of the Bulge was significant because it was the last German offensive
Who led Italy during most of WWII? Mussolini
Who tried to get GB and the US to invade France? Stalin
Who oversaw the writing of the new Japanese constitution? MacArthur
Who was the president of the U.S. when we entered WWII? Roosevelt
Who was the supreme commander of the Allied forces in France? Eisenhower
Who masterminded the Japanese naval strategy? Yamamoto
Who masterminded the "island-hopping" strategy? MacArthur
Who was the leader of the French government-in-exile in GB? de Gaulle
The German blitzkrieg was a __________ attack that used ________________ surprise, all their forces
The Soviet Union began fighting Germany when Germany invaded them
The Atlantic Charter was a declaration of the right to free trade
The Battle of Britain was fought in the British skies
The Battle of Midway marked the beginning of the Allied __________ in the Pacific offense
Name three countries partly or completely controlled by the Axis when the U.S. entered the war Soviet Union, Poland, France
Name a city that was not bombed to smitherings during WWII Rome
What was the "Final Solution" for Hitler genocide
Who made the final decision to drop the atomic bomb? Truman
Commander of Allied land forces in the Pacific MacArthur
Commander of British forces in North Africa Montgomery
Which general was known as "Desert Fox?" Rommel
Who ordered the invasion of Finland? Stalin
What Japanese admiral said the U.S. Pacific fleet had to be destroyed? Yamamoto
Who was the prime minister of Great Britain Churchill
Created by: dwstover