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Chapter 8 - Terms

Terminology - muscular system, defining terms

abductor muscles that move a part away from the midline
adductor muscles that move a part towards the midline
electromyography recording of the electrical characteristics of muscle
atonic a muscle that has no tone or tension; atony
dystonia abnormal muscle tone or tension
myotonia inability of the muscle to relax after increased muscular contraction
tonic pertaining to tone; tension
fascial pertaining to the fascia
fasciectomy excision of fascia
fasciitis inflammation of fascia
fascitis inflammation of fascia
fasciorrhaphy suturing the fascia
kinesiology study of movement
kinesimeter instrument used to measure movement
leiomyoma benign tumor of smooth muscle
leiomyosarcoma malignant tumor of smooth muscle
muscular pertaining to the muscle
musculoskeletal pertaining to the muscle and skeleton
electromyogram record of the electrical currents in a muscle
fibromyalgia pain in fibrous tissues muscles, tendons, and ligaments
myalgia muscle pain
myopathy any muscular disease
myositis inflammation of muscle
polymyositis inflammation of many muscles
rhabdomyoma benign tumor of striated muscle
rhabdomyosarcoma malignant tumor of striated muscle tissue
tendinitis inflammation of the tendon
tendinous pertaining to a tendon
tenodesis surgical fixation of a tendon
tenotomy cutting of a tendon
tenosynovitis inflammation of a tendon sheath
myasthenia no muscle strength
myoclonus alternate muscular relaxation and contraction in rapid succession
abduction process of drawing away from; opposite of adduction
adduction process of drawing toward; opposite of abduction
circumduction process of drawing a part in a circular motion
dorsiflexion bending the ankle joint so that the foot bends backward (upward); opposite of plantar flexion
plantar flexion bending the ankle joint so that the foot bends toward the sole of the foot
extension to stretch out; stretching out of a limb; increasing the angle between two bones; opposite of flexion
flexion bending a limb ; decreasing the angle between two bones; opposite of extension
pronation as applied to the hand, process of turning the palm backward; opposite of supination
supination as applied to the hand, the process of turning the palm forward; opposite of pronation
bradykinesia slow movement
dyskinesia impairment of muscle movement
hyperkinesia excessive movement
atrophy wasting away of the muscle
dystrophy abnormal developement, especially muscular dystrophy
hypertrophy enlargement of an organ due to an increase in the size of cells
diathermy heat applied to deep tissues
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