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Regents People

common names on the NYS global regents

John Locke English Enlightenment writer, natural rights
Voltaire French Enlightenment writer, freedom of speech, rights of the people
Rousseau French Enlightenment Writer, social contract, rights for the people
Montesqiueu French Enlightenment writer, 3 branches of government
What Do Voltaire, Rousseau, and Montesqiueu have in common? They are all French Enlightenment writers and they all spread idead that led to the French Revolution.
Louis XIV Absolute Monarch of France, put country into debt by building Versailles
Louis XVI Absolute Monarch of France, Overthrown and killed during French Revolution
Robespierre Reign of Terror during French Revolution
Napoleon Emperor of the French Empire, Napoleonic Code
Simon Bolivar Latin American Independence Movements - Colombia, Venezuela
Toussaint L'ouverture Latin American Independence Movements - HAITI
Jose de San Martin Latin American Independence Movements - Argentina, Chile, and Peru
Prince Metternich Congress of Vienna, wanted to return power to the kings and queens in Europe
Porfirio Diaz Becomes President of Mexico that falls during the Mexican Revolution
Pancho Villa General during Mexican Revolution, wanted Agrarian Reform
Emiliano Zapata Mexican Revolutionary
Garibaldi Led Italian Nationalist Movement, unification
Mazzini helped the Unitfication of Italy, nationalist movement
Cavour unification of italy, nationalist movement
If you see Cavour, Garibaldi, or Mazzini Italian Nationalist Movements, unification
Otto Von Bismarck German Nationalist Movements, United Germany, Blood and Iron
Thomas Malthus population growth will cause food shortage
Adam Smith England Enlightenment thinker, laissez faire capitalism, industrial revolution
Karl Marx Father of Communism, Rise of the proletariat, classless society
Frederick Engles worked with Marx
Cecil Rhodes English Imperialism, controlled almost all of Africa for England
Sun-Yat Sen Chinese President of Chinese Republic, ended dynastic rule
Emperor Meiji Japanese ruler that Modernized and Westernized, opened Japan for trade
Commodore Perry American that opened Japan to trade
V.I. Lenin Russian, led Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and brought communism to Russia
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Father of Modern Turkey, modernized and westernized
Chiang Kai Shek Chinese leader after Sun Yat-Sen, Lost to Mao and the communists
Mao Zedong Chinese communist revolution of 1949, Great Leap Forward, Peasants supported him
Adolf Hitler German Fascist Dictator from 1930-1945, WWII, Holocaust
Benito Mussolini Italian Fascist Dictator during WWII
Joseph Stalin Communist dictator of the USSR, 5 year plan, industrialize, labor camps, Cold War
Winston Churchill British Prime Minister during WWII, protect democracy
Deng Xiaoping Chinese, 4 Modernizations, 1 child policy, brought in Market economy, Tianamen Square massacre
Pol Pot Cambodia, leader of Khmer Rouge, Led Genocide against 20% of Cambodian people, back to agrarian culture
Ho Chi Minh Vietnam's National leader, communist, removed french control and fought the US
Desmond Tutu South African Archbishop that fought apartheid
Nelson Mandela South African against apartheid, first black president (1994), imprisoned for 28 years, Won Nobel Prize
F.W. DeKlerk South African president, freed Mandela, ended Apartheid
Nkrumah Ghana nationalist against imperialism
Kenyatta Kenya's first president (1963) after revolting against the British
Mohandas Gandhi Indian Independence movement against British, Salt March, Homespun, Civil Disobedience.
Jawaharal Nehru 1st Prime Minister of Independent India, Partitions India and Pakistan along religious lines, Muslims go to Pakistan, Hindus stay in India
Mikhail Gorbachev USSR leader, Perestroika-economic reform, Glasnost-Democratization, ENDS COLD WAR
Boris Yeltsin 1st Russian president, 1991-1999, creates free market economy, ends USSR
Lech Walesa 1st freely elected president of POLAND, Solidarity party, 1st Eastern European country to have free elections
Fidel Castro Cuban, Communist, Cuban Revolution
Saddam Hussein Iraqi President, invades other middle eastern countries (Iran and Kuwait), Gulf War
Ayatollah Khoemini Iranian Islamic Fundamentalist, led Iranian revolution to overthrow Shah Reza Pahlavi, Keep Iran an traditional Islamic state.
Shah Muhammed Reza Pahlavi Iranian Political leader overthrown for trying to westernize and modernize Iran in the 1960's and 1970's
Juan Peron Dictator of Argentina, country goes into massive debt under Peron. Wife Evita still beloved figure
Yassir Arafat Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) since 1964. Wants to establish a homeland for palestinians and has been negotiating with Israel for an independent Palestinian state - Considered by many to be a terrorist.
Anwar Sadat Egyptian President that was assassinated for making peace with Israel
Abraham The first father of the bible. Considered to be the father of the Israelites and the father of the Arabs through his sons
Akbar the Great Mughal Empire in India. expanded his empire and increased trade and cultural diffusion.
Alexander the Great Conquered most of the ancient world. Began Hellenistic Culture, blended Greek, Persian, Indian, Egyptian cultures. CULTURAL DIFFUSION
Idi Amin Ugandan Dictator exiled in 1979
Asoka or Ashoka Mauryan King that is responsible for the spread of buddhism
Constantine Roman Emperor that Practiced religious tolerance.
Siddhartha Gautama Buddha
Che Guevara latin american guerilla leader. Helped Castro with his revolution and other latin american revolutions.
Gutenberg Inventor of the printing press, Germany, Movable type
Henry VIII English King that switched his nation from Catholic to protestant during the revolution
Martin Luther German Monk wrote the 95 theses to protest practices of the Roman Catholic Church
Marco Polo Italian explorer - Increased interest in Chinese goods and ideas
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