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blood components

ch 30 the components of whole blood

Components of whole blood RBC's; WBC's; platelets; plasma
Average adult has how many pints of blood? 8-10
The study of blood is called... Hematology
Red Blood Cells aka.... Erythrocytes; RBC's
Characteristics of RBC's bioconcave discs with very thin centers that enable them to fold over if needed to get through narrow openings
RBC's are produced in the.... bone marrow
RBC's live for about... 4 months
Erythrocytes obtain their color from... Hemoglobin(Hgb)
Function of hemoglobin? to carry oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood
White Blood Cells aka... Leukocytes(WBC's)
Main function of WBC's? to defend the body against infection
WBC's are _______ the size of RBC's. twice
Five types of WBC's Neutrophils;eosinophils;basophils;lymphocytes; monocytes
Neutrophils surround, swallow, and digest bacteria
Eosinophils respond to allergic reactions or parasites
Basophils respond to chronic infections
Lymphocytes develop antibodies that produce immunity; attach to foreign bodies to destroy them
Monocytes eat and destroy bacteria
Platlets aka.... thrombocytes(Plt)
Platelets are the ___________ of the three cells. smallest
Function of platelets? Aid in the process of clotting blood
Plasma straw colored liquid portion of blood
Plasma is ________ of the volume of blood. one-half
Plasma is 90% ___________. water
Substances found in plasma electrolytes,vitamins,hormones,enzymes,nutrients,gases, protiens
The three protiens found in plasma fibrinogen & prothrombin;serum albumin;serum globulin
Fibrinogen and prothrombin needed to form clots
Serum albumin aids in maintaining blood pressure
Serum globulin needed for the formation of antibodies
normal RBC range for males 4.5-6.0
normal RBC range for females 4.0-5.5
normal WBC range 3,500-11,000
normal platelet range 150,000-400,000
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