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Unit 8

Neurology, Psychology, Anesthesiology, & Vascular Terminology

accept include
affect influence or affect change
afferent inflowing
algesia condition of pain sensitivity
algesic pertaining to algesia
algesimeter instrument for measuring level of pain
analgesia condition without pain
anesthesia condition of no sensation
anesthesiology science of studying the administration of anesthetics
anesthetic agent that produces loss of sensation
angiectasia dilation of vessel
angioblast immature vessel cell
angiogram x-ray of a vessel
angiolysis vessel destruction
angioma vessel tumor
angiopathy vessel disease
angiorrhexis rupture of a blood vessel
angiosclerosis hardening of a vessel
angioscopy process of looking into a vessel using a scope
angiospasm vessel spasm
arteriofibrosis condition of fibrous growth in the arteries
arteriomalacia softening of the arteries
arteriorrhexis rupture of an artery
arteriosclerosis hardening of an artery
arteriospasm spasm of an artery
atherectomy excision of an atheroma or athermanous plaque from arteries
atheroma fatty tissue tumor inside a large vessel
atherosclerosis fatty deposits on medium to large vessels, causing hardening
autonomic self-controlling, stress response center of the nervous system
cardiorrhexis rupture of the heart
chondrodysplasia defective development of cartilage
cystorrhexis rupture of the bladder
cystolysis cell destruction
dysesthesia difficult or painful sensation
effect result
efferent outflowing
elecroneuromyography process of making an image of nerve and muscle function using electricity
enterorrhexis rupture of the small intestine
esthesiometer instrument used to measure the amount of sensation
except exclude
fibroma fibrous tumor
gastromalacia softening of the stomach
gastrospasm stomach spasm
hemangioblast immature blood vessel cell
hemarthrosis blood in a joint
hematocrit measurement of percent blood formed elements
hematologist physician specialist in blood disorders
hematology specialty of studying the blood
hematolysis destruction of blood
hematophobia abnormal fear of blood
hepatorrhexis rupture of the liver
hyperesthesia oversensitivity to touch
hyperplasia abnormal over growth of cells
hypoesthesia below normal ability to feel
hysterorrhexis rupture of the uterus
infarction necrosis of tissue due to ischemia
ischemia condition in which blood flow to tissues is temporarily slowed or stopped
lipolysis lipid destruction
metrorrhexis rupture of uterine tissues
myelocele spinal cord herniation
myelocyte bone marrow or spinal cord cell
myoblast immature muscle cell
myocardial pertaining to the heart muscle
myocarditis inflammation of the heart muscle
myofibroma fibrous muscle tumor
myograph instrument used to make a picture of muscle function
myolysis muscle tissue destruction
myoma muscle tumor
myopathy muscle disease
myosclerosis hardening of a muscle
myospasm muscle spasm
narcolepsy seizures of uncontrolled sleep
narcotic analgesic and sleep-producing drug
narcosis condition of being affected by narcotics
neuroblast immature nerve cell
neurologist physician specialist in nervous system disorders
neurolysis nerve destruction
neuroma nerve tumor
neuropathy nerve disease
neurosis nerve condition characterized by anxiety and phobias
neurospasm nerve spasm
neurosurgeon physician specialist who performs surgery on the brain and nerves
neurotripsy surgical crushing of a nerve
parahepatitis inflammation near the liver
paralgesia pain in the lower body
paralgia abnormal pain
paralysis loss of muscle function and sensation
paramedic emergency medical technician with advanced training
paranephritis inflammation near the kidney
paraosteoarthropathy disease near the bone and joint
paraplegia paralysis in the lower body
parasympathetic nerves that return the body to normal following stress
paroxysmal pertaining to the sudden onset of an attack, symptoms or emotion
pharmacist specialist in drug therapy and dispensing drugs
pharmacology study of drug therapy
phlebectasia dilation of a vein
phlebectomy excision of a vein
phlebography process of taking an x-ray of a vein
phleboplasty surgical repair of a vein
phleborrhexis rupture of a vein
phlebosclerosis hardening of a vein
phlebotomy venipuncture
psychiatrist physician specialist in treatment of mental disorders
psychoanalysis analysis of mental and emotional state for treatment
psychology study of the mind and mental processes
psychomotor mental processes that control movement
psychosexual mental processes related to sexuality
psychotherapy therapy for mental disorders
psychotropic agent that affects mental processes
thrombectomy excision of a clot
thromboangiitis blood clot in a vessel causing inflammation
thrombocyte blood clotting cell
thrombocytopenia lack of platelets
thrombogenic pertaining to producing clots
thromboid resembling a clot
thrombolymphangitis inflammation of a lymph vessel caused by a clot
thrombolysis clot destruction
thrombophelbitis inflammation of a vein caused by a clot
thrombosis condition of forming clots
venipuncture incision into a vein with a needle to remove a venous blood sample
venous pertaining to veins
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