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T.O.B. 2015


Dignity The quality of being worthy of respect.
Original Sin Adam and Eve's first sin of disobedience in the garden of Eden.
Lust A selfish desire that seeks one's own pleasure at the expense of others.
Concupiscence Man's constant temptation to sin, everyone has it as a result of original sin.
Theology of the Body A study of God and the purpose of our lives as discovered and revealed through our bodies.
Communion A "coming together" of persons in love. Can happen between any two or more persons, but is really special between man and wife.
Sacrament A visible sign of an invisible reality
Sacramentality of the Body The body's ability to act as a visible sign of our invisible soul.
Sexual liberation The idea that a person can escape from rules about sex and do whatever he or she wants to with their bodies. This idea does not make people happy when they live it.
Abstinence "not having sex" or saving sex for marriage.
Virtue A good habit
Vice A bad habit
Temperance The virtue of controlling our desires for pleasure.
Chastity (a.k.a purity) The virtue that directs our sexual desires towards love and not lust (towards giving and not taking).
Love A decision to will the good of another. It involves making a gift of yourself to others. Putting the needs of the one you love before your own.
Sexual repression An unhealthy response to the gift of our sexuality, by trying to ignore one's sexual desires.
Total self-donation The total giving of oneself for the good of another. Should only be done in marriage.
Naked Without Shame Adam and Eve being able to love each other without lust or selfishness the way God meant for man and wife to love each other.
Shame It is self defense against lust. We need it not because our bodies are shameful, ugly or embarrassing. But, because they are sacred and need to be covered to protect ourselves from the lustful looks and thoughts of others.
Shameless Not respecting the sexual value of the body, or treating it like a gift to only be shared with your spouse. For example, showing your body off without any shame, making an object of yourself.
Nuptial meaning of the body The physical design of the human body, both male and female, shows us that man and woman were made to fit together. "Think puzzle pieces"
The word “nuptial” It means marriage. So in our bodies, God designed for us to be meant for marriage.
Free - Love No one forces it, you're not pressured, manipulated, or controlled.
Total - Love You hold nothing back from the one you love. You make a complete gift of yourself.
Faithful - Love You are committed to your spouse no matter what. It is about keeping your wedding vows until death parts you two.
Fruitful - Love The relationship brings life to both persons. And the couple is open to the possibility of children.
Unitive (Unity) meaning of sex God made sex to bring together or "unite" husband and wife. A complete joining of body and soul between and man and wife. God’s idea behind sex. The physical act not only joins two bodies but two whole persons, bodies and souls together.
Procreative meaning of sex Sex was made "for creating" babies. Not every time, but at least being open to the possibility.
Contraception Anything a man or woman does on purpose so that they can have sex with no possibility of children. For example, condoms or the birth control pill.
NFP Natural Family Planning. Made by God, since the wife is not always fertile, they figure out when she is and do or don't have sex then depending on if they want to become pregnant.
Homosexual acts Are not procreative or unitive, they are not a part of God's plan for sex. God will not bind the souls of two people of the same sex in marriage.
Homosexual acts vs. attraction No one chooses who they are attracted to, therefore homosexual attraction is not wrong, but acting on those desires is wrong.
Pornography Treating a person like they are a thing, to be use for another person's pleasure, this is lust, so it is wrong.
Masturbation Not procreative and not unitive. This is an act of lust and having this habit makes a person more selfish.
Marriage A life long commitment blessed by God to love one person freely, faithfully, totally and fruitfully. In this union, God joins two lives and two souls until death parts them.
Fornication Premarital sex, it is not a total or faithful gift of self. It is a partial and for a little while gift with no commitment. That is why it is immoral.
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