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SOL WorldHist. Terms

Exploration chapter 19 & 20

Treaty of Tordesillas A 1494 agreement between Portugal & Spain, declaring that newly discovered lands to the west of an imaginary line in the Atlantic Ocean would belong to Spain & newly lands to the east would belong to Portugal.
Mestizo Mixed Spanish and Native American ancestry.
Encomienda A grant of land made by Spain to a settler in the America's, including the right to use native Americans as laborer a on that land.
Triangle trade The transatlantic trade network along where slaves and other goods were carried between Africa,England ,Europe ,the West Indies, and colonies in the America's.
Middle passage The voyage that brought captured Africans to the West Indies and later to north and South America to be sold as slaves
Columbian exchange Global transfer of plants,animals, and diseases that occurred during the European colonization of the America's.
Commercial Revolution The expansion of trade and business that transformed European economies during the 16th & 17th century.
Capitalism Economic system based on private ownership and on the investment of money in business ventures in order to make profit.
Conquistadors Spanish soldiers, explores, and fortune hunters who took part in conquest of the America's in the 16th century.
Mercantilism An economic policy under which nations sought to increase their wealth and power by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver and by selling more goods than bought.
Jamestown First English settlement in early 1600s in the America's named after king James.
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