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Hlt 143 #2

cystitis inflammation of the urinary bladder
cystectomy excision, removal of urinary bladder
enuresis in urine, bed wetting
nephropathy disease of the kidney
hydronephrosis abnormal condition of fluid in the kidney
ketonuria abnormal condition of ketones in urine
diuresis state of complete urination
urinary retention inability to release urine from the bladder
ureteroplasty surgical repair of ureter
urethritis inflammation of urethra
urinary incontinence inability to hold urine in the bladder
albuminuria albumin (protein) in the urine
azotemia increased nitrogen in blood
polydipsia excessive thirst
ketosis abnormal condition of elevated ketones
nocturia increased voiding during the night
pyuria pus (wbc) in the urine
antidiuretic hormone hormone against complete diuresis
anuria not voiding
hematuria blood in the urine
oliguria pertaining to scanty urination
erythropoietin hormone secreted by kidney to increase red cell formation in bone marrow
lithotripsy process of crushing stones
glycosuria sugar in the urine
polyuria excessive urination
amniocentesis surgical puncture to remove fluid from amnion sac
endocervicitis inflammation within the cervix
episiotomy incision of vulva
gynecomastia enlarged breast in a male
hysterectomy excision or removal of the uterus
prenatal pertaining to before birth
mastitis inflammation of the breast
menorrhagia bursting forth, heavy menstrual flow
neonatal new birth
obstetrics medical field pertaining to pregnancy and childbirth
oophoritis inflammation of ovary
salpingectomy excision or removal of fallopian tubes
uterine prolapse uterus falls or sags forward (down into vagina)
pseudocyesis false pregnancy
primigravida first pregnancy
multigravida many pregnancies
menarche first menstrual period
endometritis inflammation inside the uterus
intrauterine device placed within the uterus (IUD) to prevent pregnancy
cephalic version act of turning infant’s head
galactorrhea abnormal discharge of milk
mastectomy excision, removal of breast
amenorrhea no menstrual flow
dyspareunia painful sexual intercourse
oophorectomy excision, removal of an ovary
androgen male hormone
cryogenic surgery surgery using cold (freeze and kill cells)
cryptorchidism hidden testicles (undescended)
gonorrhea discharge of seed, sexually transmitted disease
hydrocele hernia of fluid, in scrotum, congenital or response to infection
orchiectomy excision or removal of testicles
balanitis inflammation of glans penis
prostatitis inflammation of prostate
spermolytic destruction of sperm
testicular pertaining to testicles
prostatectomy excision or removal of prostate
penile pertaining to the penis
oligospermia scanty sperm production
teratoma mass or tumor resembling monster
varicocele hernia of varicose veins above the testes
vasectomy excision, removal of portion of vas deferens
spermatogenesis formation of sperm
testosterone steroid hormone
orchiopexy put testicle in place, corrects cryptorchidism
vasovasostomy new opening of vas deferens, rejoin vas deferens
aspermia pertaining to no sperm production
azoospermia pertaining to no sperm in semen
seminiferous tubules tubules that produce sperm in testes
orchitis inflammation of a testicle
epididymitis inflammation of epididymis
encephalitis inflammation of the brain
subdural hematoma pertaining to collection of blood under the dura
glioblastoma tumor of immature glial cells (neurological cells)
meningioma tumor of the meninges
encephalopathy disease of the brain
myelogram x-ray record of the spinal cord
radiculitis inflammation of nerve roots
myoneural pertaining to muscles and nerves
neuropathy disease of nerves
neuralgia nerve pain
comatose pertaining to deep sleep
anesthesia without , no feeling
bradykinesia slow movement
hyperkinesis increased movement
epilepsy upon a seizure
narcolepsy sleep seizure
dyslexia difficulty with words/phrases
paraplegia paralysis in lower part of body
syncopal pertaining to fainting
ataxia pertaining to no coordination
hemiplegia paralysis on one half (side) of the body
aphasia pertaining to no speech, not speaking
myelomeningocele herniation of spinal cord and meninges
causalgia burning pain
cephalgia head pain, headache
angioplasty surgical repair of a vessel
vasodilation widening of a vessel
endarterectomy excision or removal of plaque within an artery
atherosclerosis abnormal condition of hardening of artery due to plaque, fat
venous pertaining to a vein
cardiomyopathy disease of heart muscle
tachycardia pertaining to rapid heartbeat
hypercholesterolemia above normal, excessive cholesterol in the blood
hypoxia insufficient oxygen
pericardiocentesis surgical puncture to remove fluid from the pericardium
phlebotomy incision, cutting into a vein to draw blood
thrombophlebitis inflammation of a vein due to a clot
sphygmomanometer used to measure pulse pressure
stethoscope instrument to examine chest
cardiogenic shock pertaining to shock produced by the heart
vascular pertaining to vessels
atheroma collection of fatty substance
atrial pertaining to the atrium, upper heart chamber
cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart
thrombolysis breakdown/destruction of a clot
angiogram x-ray record of a blood vessel
arteriosclerosis hardening of an artery
bradycardia pertaining to a slow heart rate
cyanosis abnormal condition of blue due to lack of oxygen
arrhythmia pertaining to no rhythm, an abnormal heart rhythm
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