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Ancient Greece Review

What is a polis? The word for Greek city-state
What is an acropolis? A walled hill where people would hide during a war.
What is an agora? An open area that served as a place for town meetings.
monarchy Type of government with a single ruler.
oligarchy Type of government where the richest and most powerful citizens control the decision making.
democracy Type of government where every citizen is allowed to vote on government issues.
polytheism Belief in more than one god.
What is philosophy? The search for wisdom and the right way to live.
Describe the land in Greece. ? Greece is made up of mountainous islands and peninsulas, with no great rivers.
What did they grow because of the land in Greece? Because of the rugged terrain, the Greeks grew olive trees and grapes. They also grew barley and wheat.
What were the 2 main peninsulas in Greece? Attica and Peloponnesus
Describe the “Golden Age” of Athens. It was a period of wealth and glory.
Who was Homer? What did he write? Homer was one of the most famous Greek poets. He created two epic poems, the Iliad and the Odyssey.
Who was Socrates? A teacher who led discussions on ways to live.
Who was Plato? Wrote down Socrates' ideas and later became a famous teacher.
How are Socrates and Plato "related"? Plato was Socrates' student.
Describe the Peloponnesian War Sparta and Athens fought and it tore Greece apart. It lasted so long because Athens' strong navy was matched by Sparta's strong army. In the end, Sparta won.
What was Hellenism? Greek ideas blended with African and Asian traditions to produce this entirely new culture.
Who was Pericles? Leader of Athens who saw to it that all citizens could take part in government.
Who was Hippocrates? known as the "Father of Medicine"
Describe a tyranny. a form of government with one leader supported by the poor citizens
Who was Alexander the Great? leader who began the Hellenistic Era
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