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Human Geograpyhy 13

When the city develops in a series of sectors this model is called what? sector model
The process by which the population of cities grow is called what? urbanization
When a city grows outward like the growth rings of a tree this model is called what? concentric zone model
In Rio de Janeiro, why are high income people in the inner city and low income people along the edge? High Class = closer to resources Low class= Living on mountain sides
In the concentric zone model, the fifth zone contains what? commuters
When a city is a complex structure with more than one node it is called what? multiple nuclei model
The progressive spread of developement over a landscape. sprawl
Rings of open space in Europe are called what? greenbelts
Around the beltway are nodes of consumers and business services called what? edge cities
The density change in an urban area is called what? density gradient
The process of legally adding land area to a city is called what? annexation
Identify and describe John Borchert's Stage 3 and 4 Stages U.S cities go through Steel rail period (1870-1970) Steel main material for building, many jobs
When banks refuse to loan money to a low income area, what is it called? redlining
When the middle class people move into and renovate inner city neighborhoods it is called what? gentrification
Most inner city housing was built before what year? 1940
A process of change in use of a house, from single family owned to abandonment. filtering
What are the two choices a city has to close the gap between the cost of services and the funding available? 1. reduce services 2. raise tax revenue
In the 1960's, urban renewal was often called what? "Negro Removal"
non renewable examples coal, oil and natural gas
the use of heat from the eart to heat buildings on the surface Geothermal power
On example of a product made from biomass Biodeisel, ethanol
See land as sacred, spiritual quality to it. Native American, Aborigines. Which land use model? Preservationist
Land is used to develop and build on the landscape for profit. Which model? Economic land use
Taking something from the land and replacing it with something else. Sustainability land use model
When cities experince a net loss of population to smaller towns in rural areas. Counterurbinization
People who work less than full time even though they would like to work more hours Underemployement
WHen housing tracts jump over parcels of farmland Checkerboard development
The street intersection in a towns CBD where land values are at the highest Peak land value intersection PLVI
In the U.S, a central city of at least 50,000 pop, the country within which the city is located, and adjacent counties meeting one of several tests is called what? Metropolital statistical carea
Housing owned by the government is called what? public housing
The four consecutive 15 minute periods that have the heaviest traffic is called what? rush hour
In the multiple nuclei model, what is in the middle of the city? CBD
In LDCs, an area which people illegally establish residence is called what? Squatter settlement
When land prices go down as you travel from the center of the city to the outskirts of the city. What is this called? Bid-rent theory
Movement of people and jobs from the core of metropolitan areas to suburban areas. Decentralizing forces
Legislation to limit suburban sprawl and preserve farmland is called what? smart growth
Neighborhood changes whereby one social or ethnic group succeeds another in a residential area. End result: distinctive neighborhoods- china town, koreantowns Invasion and Succession
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