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Unit 5

Pathology, Otorhinolaryngology & Prefixes

agenesis lack of development
alcoholism chronic physical and psychological addiction to alcohol
amenorrhea absence of menstration
apepsia cessation of digestion
aphasia unable to speak
aphonia no voice, unable to make sounds
apnea absence of breathing
arrhythmia loss of rhythm
audiogram graphic record of hearing function
audiologist hearing specialist
audiology science that studies hearing
audiometer instrument to test hearing
audiometry process of testing hearing
bacillus rod-shaped bacterium
bradycardia slow heart rate
bradypepsia slow digestion
bradyphagia slow eating (swallowing)
bradypnea slow breathing
calculi small stones
carcinogenesis formation of cancer
cholangiogram x-ray of the bile ducts
cholecyst gallbladder
cholecystitis inflammation of the gallbladder
cholecystogram x-ray of the gallbladder
cholecystography process of obtaining x-ray of he gallbladder
cholecystotomy incision into the gallbladder
cholelith gallstones
cholelithiasis infestation with gallstones
coccus sphere-shaped bacterium
dactylitis inflammation of the fingers and/or toes
dactylogram figerprints
dactylospasm spasm of a digit
diplobacillus double bacillus
diplococci cocci growing in pairs
dipsomania abnormal compulsion to drink
dyslexia condition characterized by difficulty reading and spelling
dysmenorrhea painful menstration
dysrrhythmia irregular rhythm
dyspepsia poor digestion
dysphagia difficulty swallowing
dysphasia difficulty speaking, garbled speech
dysphonia difficulty making sounds with the voice
dyspnea difficulty breathing
hydrocephalus enlarged head due to fluid accumulation (congenital)
hyperthermia abnormally high body temp
hypothermia abnormally low body temp
lithometer instrument to measure stones
lithotomy incision for the removal of stones
macroblast abnormally large immature cell
macrocephalus large head size
macrocheilia enlarged lips
macrococcus large coccus
macrocyte large cell
macrodactylia abnormally large digits
macroglossia enlarged tongue
macrorhinia enlarged nose
microcardia abnormally small-sized heart
microcephalus abnormally small head
microcyst a small cyst
microcyte a small cell
microgram one millionth of a gram
microsurgery surgery performed using a microscope or other magnifying device
moniliasis yeast infection
oncogenesis tumor forming
otic pertaining to the ear
otodynia (otalgia) earache
otorrhea discharge from the ear
otoscope instrument used to look into the ear
paraphasia abnormal speech
pathogenic disease producing
pathology study of disease
peptic pertaining to digestion
phasology science that studies speech
phonic pertaining to the voice
phonology science that studies the voice sounds
polydactylism condition of having more than five digits on hands or feet
polydipsia condition of excessive thirst
prodrome symptoms before the onset of a disease
pyogenic pus forming (adj)
pyorrhea flow or discharge of pus
pyothorax pus in the chest cavity
rhinitis inflammation of the nose
rhinolith calculus in the nasal passage
rhinoplasty surgical repair of the nose
rhinorrhea runny nose
staphylectomy (uvulectomy) excision of the uvula
staphylitis inflammation of the uvula
staphylococci bacteria growing in bunches (like grapes)
staphyloplasty surgical repair of the uvula
streptobacillus bacillus growing in twisted chains
streptococci round bacteria growing in twisted chains
synarthrosis joints that are fused and immovable
syndactylism fingers or toes that are fused (congenital)
syndrome symptoms that occur together to characterize a disease
synergistic works together
tachycardia fast heart rate
tachyphagia fast eating
tachypnea fast breathing
thermal pertaining to heat
thermoesthesia over sensitivity to heat
thermogenesis generation of heat
thermophobia abnormal fear of heat
thermoplegia paralysis caused by a person being exposed to too high of a temperature (heat stroke)
trichomoniasis infestation with Trichomonas
tympanectomy excision of the eardrum
tympanic pertaining to the eardrum
tympanites distended with gas (abdomen)
tympanometry process of measuring eardrum function
tympanotomy (myringotomy) incision into the eardrum
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