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Medical Term jw

gastroparesis weak stomach
The suffixes -pexy, -plegia and -ptosis mean, respectively fixation, paralysis and drooping
Hiatal Hernia (hiatal means opening)protrusion of stomach thru the esophageal hiatus of the diaphragm
Ichthyoacanthotoxism (Ichthy means fish)poisoning from stings or spines of venomous fish
Primary Hyperhidrosis a rare disorder characterized by excessive activity (hyperactivity) of the sweat glands (execrine) in various parts of the body.
The Sympathetic Nervous System The "feeling" part of the autonomic nervous system (parasympathetic is most active in the body's restorative processes such as digestion)
Photocoagulation Using electromagnetic energy to destroy skin tissue. (Photocoagulation is also known as the "hot" laser treatment, because it also destroys surrounding healthy tissue while coagulating the leakage from abnormal vessel growth)
Enterolysis The surgical division of intestinal adhesions
The four heart valves are: the Mitral (also known as the bicuspid), tricuspid, aortic and pulmonary
Urethra A tube that extends from the bladder to an opening on the exterior of the body, called the urethral meatus. (in women 1 1/2' sole purpose is to drain urine; in men it's about 9 1/2'& is passageway for urine & semen)
Created by: roons3