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Unit 4

Orthopedics, Osteopathy, & Body Regions

abdomen belly area, cavity below the thorax
abdominocentesis surgical puncture of the abdomen to remove fluid
abduct move away from the midline (verb)
abduction movement away from midline
aberrant wandering from normal location, process, or behavior
abnormal deviating from the average or expected
addiction habitual attraction, may include physical dependance
adhesions tissues grown together that are normally separate
amniocentesis surgical puncture of the amnion to obtain cells for testing
arthritis inflammation of a joint
arthroplasty surgical repair or reconstruction of a joint
arthroscope instrument used to look into a joint
arthroscopy process of using a n arthroscope to examine a joint
arthrotomy incision into a joint
bursa serous sac between a tendon and bone
bursectomy excision of a bursa
bursitis inflammation of a bursa
cardiocentesis surgical puncture of the heart to remove fluid
chondralgia cartilage pain
chondrectomy excision of cartilage
chondrocostal pertaining to cartilage and rib
costectomy excision of rib
cystocele herniation of the urinary bladder (into the vagina)
cystoplasty surgical repair of the urinary bladder
cystoscopy process of examining the bladder using a scope
cystotomy incision into the urinary bladder
dentalgia tooth pain
dentist specialist in care of teeth
dentoid resembling a tooth
dysplasia poor or defective development
etiology study of the origin of a disease
fascia tissue that connects muscle to muscle
fracture break or crack
hydrocele serous fluid accumulation in a saclike cavity
hydrocephalus fluid in the skull causing deformity and brain damage
hydrocyst fluid-filled sac
hydrophobia abnormal fear of water; rabies
hydrotherapy therapy using water
hyperplasia abnormally increased development referring to quantity of cells
interchondral pertaining to between the cartilage
intercostal between the ribs
interdental pertaining to between the teeth
kyphosis (hunch back) posterior thoracic curvature
ligament tissue that connects bone to bone and supports visceral organs
lumbar pertaining to the lower back, between the thorax and secrum
meniscitis inflammation of the meniscus
meniscectomy excision of the meniscus of the knees
myelocytes bone marrow cells
myelodysplasia defective development of the bone marrow or spinal cord
orthodontics dental practice of straightening teeth
orthodontist dentist specializing in straightening teeth
orthopedist physician specialist in treatment of skeletal and joint disorders
orthotics pertaining to appliances used to support muscoloskeletal system
orthotist specialist who develops and assists patients with orthotics
osteitis inflammation of the bone
osteoarthritis inflammation of the bone and joint
osteoarthropathy disease of bone and joint
osteochondritis inflammation of the bone and cartilage
osteoma bone tumor
osteomalacia softening of the bone
osteopathic pertaining to the practice of osteopathic physicians or hone disease
osteomyelitis inflammation of the bone and bone marrow
osteopathy disease of the bone
osteopenia loss of bone
osteoporosis porous condition of the bone due to deterioration of bone matrix
osteosarcoma cancer of the bone
pelvis the bony structure including the ilium, ischium, pubis, sacrum, and coccyx
pericardium around the heart
perichondrium around the cartilage
periodontal around the tooth
periodontist dentist specializing in treatment of diseased tissue around the teeth
periosteum around the bone
poliomyelitis inflammation of gray matter of the spinal cord
prosthesis artificial limb or other body part replacement
prosthetics pertaining to prostheses
prosthetist specialist who develops and assists patients with prostheses
pubic pertaining to the pubis, bone in the lower anterior pelvis
rheumatology study of rhematic disease
supracostal above the ribs
supracranial above or on top of the skull
supralumbar above the lumbar spine
suprapubic above the pubis
tenalgia tendon pain
tendinitis inflammation of a tendon
tendon tissue that connects muscle to bone
tendinoplasty (3 ways) surgical repair of a tendon
thoracocentesis surgical puncture of the thorax to remove fluid
thoracolumbar pertaining to the chest and lower spine
thoracometer instrument used to measure the chest
thoracopathy disease of the thorax
thorax chest, area of the back posterior to the chest
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