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ME Religions

The father of the three major religions of the Middle East? Abraham
This symbol was created to represent King David in who ruled Israel from 1000 BCE to 962 BCE. This symbol contains a six pointed star; what is this symbol called? The Star of David
Where is the largest population of Jewish people in the world today? Israel
Jewish people worship in a special building called a ______________. synagogue or temple
A religious leader in the Jewish faith is called a _______________. Rabbi
This is a holy text of the Jewish people in the world today. Torah
This is a symbol for the religion of Christianity. Cross
The special day of the week Christians go to church. Sunday
This is the second largest religion in the world today. Islam
What is the name of God for people of the Islamic faith Allah
This is a special text that was given to Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel, that was later written down after Muhammad's death. Qur'an
Within Islam there major beliefs are based on actions called the ____________________. The 5 Pillars of Islam
What is a name for an Christian clergy member? priest, minister, bishop, pastor, etc.
Christians believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead called the _________________. This later became a widely celebrated holiday in the Christian world called Easter. Resurrection
What is the most dominate religion in the world today? Christianity
This specific nomadic group of Arabs are wander the area of Saudi Arabia Bedouins
Muslims pray how many times a day? 5 times
This religion is based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Christianity
The term monotheistic means.... the belief in one god
What is the difference between big "G" and little "g"? This refers to God or god. Meaning big "G" refers to a specific god of monotheistic religions. Little "g" refers to the the multiple gods.
This is a name given to people that follow/believe in multiple gods. Pagans
What is a prophet? A person regarded as an inspired teacher or founder of the will of a monotheistic god
This is a special pilgrimage to Mecca that people of the Islamic faith try to go on at least once in their life time. Hajj
The symbol to this religion is of a crescent moon and a star. What religion does this represent? Islam
True or False: All Arabs are Muslim False, because the term Arab refers to the ethnic group of people located in the Middle East
The city of Jerusalem is considered a holy city to which religions: Judaism, Christianity, and/or Islam. All three: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
What are some things that are always present in a religion? -Beliefs -Morals -Afterlife -Sacred writing -Higher power(s) -Learned (culture) -Worship
The ancient name for the land of Israel? Canaan
What do I call someone who is following the Islamic faith or Islam? Muslim
Why might it be important to study other religions? Please explain your answer. For example, it might be important to study other religions because the country of the United States is a very diverse area.
This is a special month in the Pillars of Islam that people fast by not eating food or drinking anything while the sun is up. Ramadan
What does it mean to be "practicing" a religion? the act of following a religion through activities supported by the religion
This character from the story was a direct descendent to Muhammad. Ishmael
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