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Cardiovascular Word List

Anastomosis Surgical attachment of one end of a hollow structure to another end.
Angina Intermittent chest pain, usually of short duration
Angiorrphaphy Suturing of a blood vessel
Aneurysm A localized, abnormal dilation of a blood vessel, usually an artery.
Aorta Largest artery in the body which collect blood from the left ventricle, and delivers it to all parts of the body via smaller arteries.
Arrhythmia Irregularity in heart action/beat.
Artery Vessel that carries blood from the heart to body tissues and organs (oxygenated)
Arteriole A small artery
Arteriosclerosis Abnormal condition of hardening of the arteries.`
Atherosclerosis Abnormal condition in which there is a build up of fatty deposits in the arteries.
Bicuspid Valve A valve with two cusps, through which blood passes from the left atrium to the left ventricle(mitral valve)
Blood Pressure Force exerted by the blood against the arterial walls during the contraction phase and relaxation phase of the heart
Bradycardia Slow heart action
Bruit A soft blowing sound heard on auscultation (murmur)
Bundle of His Specialized muscle fibres in the wall between the vntricles that carry the electric impulses to the ventricles.
Capillaries Microscopic blood vessels connecting arterioles and venules.
Cardiac Catheterication Test which helps to asses the heart, mojor coronary vessels, valves and septum. Involves a catheter being inserted into the right side of the heart through an arm or leg.
Cardiomegaly Enlargement of the heart
Cardiomyopathy Any disease of the heart muscle that diminishes cardiac function (caused by viral infections and metabolic disorders
Cardiovascular System System composed of the heart, blood vessels and their function withing the body.
Cardioversion Conversion of a cardiac arrhythmia to normal sinus rhythm by the use of a device called a defibrillator.
Carditis Inflammation of the heart.
CCU Coronary Care Unit
Conductive Tissue Highly specialized cardiac tissue which initiates and continues contraction impulses
Congenital Septal Defect Small hole(s) within the atrial or vntricular septums, which is present at birth.
Created by: GrossAnatomy2