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Protozoal Disease

Exam 4 Review

What is the etiological agent for leishmaniasis? flagellate in the leishmania genus
How is leishmaniasis transmitted? bit of a sand fly
What are the symptoms of leishmaniasis? cutaneous- skin sores visceral- fever, weight loss, enlargment (swelling) of spleen/liver, low blood count anemia, low wht blood count luekopenia, low platelet count thrombocytopenia
what is the etiological agent for amoebiasis? entamoeba histolytica
How is amoebiasis transmitted? fecal-oral
What are the symptoms of amoebiasis? loose stool,stomach pain, cramping
What is the etiological agent of trichomoniasis? trichomonas vaginalis
How is trichomoniasis transmitted? sexual contact
What are the symptoms of trichomoniasis? Women- intense itching, pain during urination, creamy frothy white discharchge Men- asymptomatic
What is the etiological agent to malaria? apicomplexan plasmodium
How is malaria tramsmitted? anopheles mosquito
What are the symptoms of malaria? fever, chill, diarrhea, headache,anemia, fatigue
What is the etiological agent of trypanosomiasis? trypanosoma brucei
How is trypanosomiasis transmitted? tsetse fly
What are the symptoms of trypanosomiasis? invasion of the CNS leads to memingoencephilitis, headache, drowsiness, comma
Which disease is the African Sleeping Sickness? Trypanosomiasis
What is the etiological agent of toxoplasmosis? apicomplexan toxoplasma gondii
How is toxoplasmosis transmitted? fecal-oral
What are the symptoms of toxoplasmosis asymptomatic, fever, headache, muscle pain, sore throat, enlarged lymph nodes in the head and neck
What is the etiological agent of cryptosporidiosis? apicomplexan cryptosproridium parvum
How is cryptosporidiosis transmitted? fecal-oral, contaminated water
What are the symptoms of cryptosporidiosis? diarrhea, headache, cramping, fluid and weight loss
What is the etiological agent of Primary amoebic menigoencephalitis (PAM)? naegleria fowleri
How is (PAM) Primary amoebic meninocephalitis transmitted? inhalation, associated with recreational use of freshwater (swimming)
What are the symptoms of (PAM) Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis? piercing headache,fever, delirium, neck rigidity, occassional seizures
What is the etiological agent for Chagas's disease? trypanosoma cruzi
How is Chaga's disease transmitted? triatomid bug
What are the symptoms of Chaga's disease? Romans sign, fever, headache, swollen lymph nodes, enlargement of spleen/colon Chronic: asymptomatic Symptomatic: congestive heart failure due to pseudocytes
What is the etiological agent for Giardiasis? giardia lamblia
How is giardiasis transmitted? fecal-oral, food or water contaminated with cysts
What are the symptoms of giardiasis? nauseau, flatulence, cramping, foul smelling watery diarrhea
What is the etiological agent of Babesiosis? babesia microti
How is babesiosis transmitted? Ioxdes tick
What are the symptoms of babesiosis? piercing headaches, fever, not fatal, people may become carriers
flagellates Includes the parabasala, diplomanads and kinetoplastids- heterotrophic, move by flagella, few if any mitochondria (low oxygen requirements)
amoebozoans heterotrophic- via phocytosis, most are free living, freshwater organisms move by pseudopods> amoeboid motion, members of the entamoeba genus parasites
cillates heterotrophic-cilia sweep food into sac like gullet, most are free living,fresh water organisms move via cilia contain pellicle (sacs) under the membrane that store Ca for cili function and contractile vacuoles
cillates have two nuclei- >macronucleus for everyday control of cell activity >micronucleus for genetic information during reproduction
apicomplexans all parasitic heterotrophs, apical tip ofcell has a organelle complex used for penetrating host cells, only gametes are flagalleted, complex life cycles with alternating sexual and asexual reproduction, several host are common
eukaryotic >primary unicellular >most are free living >nutritionally diverse
plant like algae, photosynthesis
fungus like slime molds,extracellular digestion, filamentous growth
animal like protozoa, absorb/ingest food, lack a cell wall, includes human parasites
example of ciliates balantidium coli
example of amoebaes entamoeba histolytica, acanthamoeba, naegleria fowleri,
example of flagellates trypanosoma brucei, trypanosoma cruzi, leishmania, giardia lamblia, trichomonas vaginalis
example of apicomplexan plasmodium, toxoplama gondii, cryptosporidium parvum
Created by: keshia28