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World Civ II HJ ?

World Civ II History Journal Questions for Final

Why did the Western democracies see a huge increase in political occupation? Extension of the franchise to women & poorer classes, political parties ceased to defined by class, parties broadening to include workers & members of middle class, aristocrats, & intellectuals.
What is totalitarianism? Explain the two main concepts that it needs to survive. "Total War" Govt takes total control of economy, instituting rationing, allocations of labor & materials to industry, wage ceilings, & price control
What were the main points of Mein Kampf? 1. Anti-Semitism 2. Rejrction of Versailles Treat 3. Confiscation of illicit war profits 4. Protection of middle class 5. Land redistribution for peasants
What opened the door to revolution in Russia in the 1910s? Wartime defeats & mistakes were piling up, the maintenance of obedience became impossible. Food supply for cities were little, riots were breaking out.
What was the New Economic Policy? Encouraged small scale capitalist business and profit seekers, while retaining the commanding heights of the national economy firmly in state hands.
Describe the effects of the first Five-Year Plan. Would transform SU: 1. Resistance of private landholders to govt supervision be broken by pressure to collectivize 2. increase in investment to modernize backward society 3. Org & efforts to achieve first 2 goals would enable integration of citizen
What was the New China Movement? Reform movement, ecouraged change/adaptation
Describe the Meiji Restoration. What were three of the main reforms it introduced? Revolt agains shogunate, emperor restored to center of political-govt life. Reforms: military, financial, agrarian, & constitutional.
Why was the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-5 such a turning point in Eastern-Western relations? Announced to world Japan was major power
Define appeasement. What were its main causes? Giving in to request/demand to avoid confrontation. 1. Peace at any price 2. Neither country militarily ready for war 3. Genuine grievance resulting from Versailles 4. Some admired Hitler & Mussolini for strong, patrotic leaders
How did Japan feel about a prolonged war with the United States? Did not have raw materials/man power to keep up with demands of prolonged conflict over wide area.
In your opinion, why did President Truman drop the atomic bombs? Do you agree with his decision? Explain. To save troops. Yes.
In your opinion, what was at the core of the Cold War conflict? Frictionbetween 2 militarily powerful state, regimes along western border & arguments over treatment of postwar Germany
What was the Marshall Plan? Reconstruction of European economy
Compare NATO with the Warsaw Pact and describe. US solution need for international military organ to stop spread of com. SU creation, made com govt of East Europe military allies
Why does Western Europe begin to grow closer diplomatic and economic ties after World War II? Surpassed every measure of prewar prosperity & were rapidly regaining independence of action in politics.
What was decolonization? List the main reasons it happened in the years following World War II. Retreat from empire. 1. Rising nationalism in Asia & Af 2. Loss of E moral authority 3. Temp prostration of E 4. Opposiion to contnuation of colonies in Allied war aims & US policy
What was Chairman Mao’s primary goal? Conquest world's largest population
What was the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution that began 1965? Upheaval, turn Chinese society on its head for many years
Who was Indira Ghandi? First Asian female prime minister
Why did the United States aid the Southern Vietnamese during the Vietnam War? To save from com takeover
What global factors did the authors list as helping encourage African decolonization? 1. B & US pledge to principle of self-det 2. UN pledged to principle of self-det & an end to colonialism 3. Appearance of nationalist movements in Asia 4. International labor movement help Af protest for fair treatment 5. Pan-Africanism
Define the “population bomb.” Overpopulation in 1970s
Up until the 1940s, how did the Creoles usually respond to the Amerindians? Responded to the perceived menace by attempting to exclude the indigenous & mestizo people from national affairs
Who was the most important woman in South American politics in the twentieth century? Why did the Argentine people love her so dearly? Juan Manuel Rosas wife, Eva
In how many nations is Islam the dominant religion? What natural resource is “key to the massive change in relations” between the West and them? 38 countries reaching from SE Asia-Atlantic coast of Af. Geology & largest know oilfields
What was the McMahon Letter? What was the Balfour Declaration? How do they conflict with one another? Promised B support for creation of Arab homeland. B agreed to support a "Jewish national homeland.
Describe the PLO and its purpose. Who supports it, and how did Israel respond to it to keep it in check? Single goal: destruction of the state of Israel. Arab states. Isreal used its well-disciplined & largely Am equiped arms forces to repay violence with violence.
What did the Russians promise for Eastern Europe in the Yalta Agreement of 1945? Carry through free, deomcratic national elections in the E European countries
Despite becoming a superpower by 1950, what were some of the persistent problems within the Soviet Union? House shortage reached crisis proportions in cities, low wages, deliberate scarcity, diversion of nvestment to heavy industry
Mikhail Gorbachev took power in the Soviet Union in 1985. What reforms did he introduce over the next six years, and what effect did this have on the Soviet Union and its satellite countries? Promised to reform bothe the economy and CPSU. Reduced costly arms race with US
Created by: ginganinjaem