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bham-WW II

bham-STAR-World War II-2016 2016 2016 2016 2016

Stalin and Hitler signed what agreement? Non-aggression pact
What is the strategy of Blitzkrieg? Attack with a combination of speed and overwhelming force
The Soviets started beating the Germans at the Battle of? Stalingrad
Two Pacific War Battles that were major turning points in the war for the allies. Midway and Guadalcanal
Laws made by Hitler to limit the Jews such as taking away their German citizenship. Nuremberg Laws
Hitler's plan to rid(exterminate) the world of Jews? Final Solution
Battle that was the turning point(when the Allies started to win) in Africa. El Alamein
Appeasement failed when Hitler invaded _______. Czechoslovakia
Japan attacked Midway Island so that it could ____ destroy the American fleet
Iwo Jima was an important objective for the American military because U.S. planes could bomb Japan from there.
Which group controlled most of Europe right before D-day? Axis Powers
What was the United States policy that allowed President Roosevelt to send war materials to countries fighting the Axis powers? Lend-Lease Act
The Americans were able to break the Japanese Navy's _____ ______ and defeat them at the battle of _______. secret code, Midway
D-Day is the largest _________ invasion in history. seaborne
Hitler invaded the Soviet Union breaking which agreement between the two? non-aggression pact
Kamikaze pilots valued ___ ______ more than individual life. national honor
Why were people of Japanese descent forced into internment camps during WW II? They were thought to be enemies.
In order to shorten the war and eliminate the need for an invasion of Japan, President Truman decided to use the ____ _____. Atomic bombs
Who was the leader of Italy and why did he want to attack North Africa? Mussolini, bring back the greatness of Rome
Which of the following was the location of a Nazi extermination camp? Auschwitz
Hitler attacked the civilians in London during the Battle of Britain, what was his reasoning for doing this? He wanted to terrorize the British people into surrendering
What countries, besides Czechoslovakia, were acquired during appeasement? Sudetenland and Austria
Created by: crbham4