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bham-STAR-Imperialism-2017 2017 2017 2017

The domination of one country’s economy by another stronger country for its raw materials and trading rights. Economic Imperialism-including trade
“The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire” is a saying that was intended to indicate what? How large the empire was.
Which country is considered the "Jewel of the Crown" for England? India
When one country takes over another country politically, economically, and socially is called? Imperialism
Objectives of Imperialism were: EMPIRE
Indian soldiers are known as ____________ Sepoys
Meeting in the 1884-85 of European nations to decide how to divide up and colonize Africa. Berlin Conference
Benefits of Imperialism. railroads, telegraph, health care, education
What company established a British imperial foundation in India? British East India Company.
Why was the Suez Canal important to Europeans? It dramatically shortened the travel time from Europe to India.
Imperialism affected almost the entire continent of Africa
The division of Africa among the European powers has caused what to happen even to this day? Fighting among tribal groups
Which of the following summarizes an effect of imperialism? The wealth of the colonizing powers often increased at the expense of their colonies.
SWIM Steam, weapons, medicine
European powers engaged in a _______ starting in the 1870's. Scramble for Africa
Which two nations took DIRECT control of their colonies? France and Germany
Which two nations used INDIRECT control as a way to control their colonies? Britain and USA
Indian owned industries thrived(did very well) during British rule? (T or F) False
British gained Hong Kong form the Chinese after a war over what? Britain selling opium to Chinese.
Which country encouraged the "Open Door Policy" in China? USA
Created by: crbham4