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bham-1st Q benchmark

bham-1st Quarter benchmark 2017 2017 2017 2017

The pledge created by the 3rd Estate to draft a new constitution for France is known as? Tennis Court Oath
Balance of power, alliances, containment of France, and kings restored to power were the goals put forth at what meeting? Congress of Vienna
What does the term popular protest mean? The people will support it.
What was the first example that POPULAR PROTEST would play a role in the French Revolution? The fall or storming of the Bastille.
After 10 years of instability(chaos)due to the French Revolution who came to power in France. Napoleon
According to John Locke what should the government protect? Natural rights
According to John Locke what were all humans born with in a state of nature? life, liberty and property
The boundaries of European countries were redrawn at the Congress of Vienna to contain what country? France
During the "bloodless revolution" in England what happened without fighting or deaths? Transfer of power from King James II to William and Mary.
What feature was shared by the major revolutionary movements of the late 1700s and early 1800s? All maintained that government’s power comes from its people
What does the term "unalienable rights" refer to? Rights that a government can't take away.
The American people are sovereign. What does that mean? The people have the power. The government is created by the people.
The European intellectual movement that emphasized the responsibility of government to protect people’s natural rights was called the Enlightenment.
What is the purpose of having 3 branches of government? To separate the power of the government so it doesn't get too powerful.
"Sovereign power resides with the people" is known as Popular sovereignty
Ancient Greek philosophers helped the development of democracy by... promoting reason and thought.
In Judeo-Christian tradition, helping others in need should be... responsibility of every person.
A political system in which representatives are elected by the people follows the model of... A republic
In the Greco-Roman view, the world is governed by natural laws that can be discovered through... reason.
The estates in France were.. Social classes
The American Declaration of Independence and the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen both.. emphasize the rights of the individual.
What are 3 causes of the French Revolution? Taxes, food shortages, and foreign wars
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