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bham-Cold War 2017

Bham-STAR-Cold War- 2017 2017 2017 2017

Name the two countries involved in the Cold War. USA and USSR
Name of alliance formed by western nations to combat communism. NATO
Name of the financial plan of the United States designed to help Europe to rebuild. Marshall Plan
Why was it so easy for the USSR to take control of Eastern Europe? The Soviets were already stationed there at the end of WW II.
At which Conference did the Big Three decide to divide up Germany? Yalta
What 2 U.S. plans were created in response to the Cold War? Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan.
The closest time the world came to nuclear war during the Cold War. Cuban Missile Crisis
Policy of keeping communism from spreading. Containment
This American plan offered aid to any country that being threatened by the ____ Soviets
The long-term effect of the Marshall Plan was to undermine the popularity of the USSR
What year was the Berlin Wall built? 1961
The idea that having more weapons would prevent war. MAD mutually assured destruction
Mutually assured destruction(MAD)is also known as Mutual Deterrence by massive retaliation.
The United States got involved in the Vietnam War because of these 2 ideas? Domino theory and the policy of Containment.
Lech Walesa headed what political party in Poland? Solidarity
Year the Eastern Bloc countries gained independence. 1989
The Truman Doctrine was part of the United States' policy of Containment
This document states that the United States will help any country that asks that is being threatened by Communism. Truman Doctrine
What term means coming close to war by threatening military response? brinkmanship
Why did the Soviets favor a divided Germany? So Germany could never start another war.
What does the phrase "a full retaliatory response" mean. It means threatening to go to war.
Soviet aggression during the Cuban Missile Crisis was directed at the USA
The Truman Doctine states that the USA will help any country being threatened by Communism. What was one of the first examples of this plan? Marshall Plan
Marshall plan was named after? George Marshall
The anti-communist group known as Solidarity were a trade union in what country? Poland
Why did the USA went to help South Vietnam? 1. The French were no longer willing to help, 2. We were attacked at the Gulf of Tonkin incident, and 3. we were determined to keep Communism from spreading.
The Vietnam War was strongly affected by what in the USA? public opinion
Examples of containment. Support of the Greeks, NATO, and defense of South Korea.
Created by: crbham4