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bham-Ind. Rev.

bham-STAR-Industrial Revolution 2017 2017 2017 2017

Name the four factors of production.(LACE) Land(raw materials), a work force(labor), capital(money), and entrepreneur (business man)
Who wrote The communist Manifesto? Both Marx and Engels
Economic system of the United States. Capitalism
Who wrote The Wealth of Nations? Adam Smith
Name two advantages that England had in order to industrialize. Rivers and harbors
What was the main source of workers for the Industrial Revolution? Farmers who lost land
What historical event was most responsible for the growth of population in the cities? Industrial Revolution
In the nineteenth century, labor unions developed mostly in response to Wages and working conditions.
Movement to cities is known as Urbanization
Factories first were built near _______. Rivers
What area was the first to undergo industrialization? Textile(clothing)
Name two changes that increased productivity. Assembly line and division of labor
A long-term effect of the Industrial Revolution was the Development of labor reforms and labor unions
In the Communist Manifesto Marx said "Workers of the world, unite!” to overthrow the owners
What was the most important source of fuel in the beginning of the Industrial Revolution? Coal
negative impacts of the use of modern technology and urbanization(cities) are Pollution, overcrowded cities, diseases
Adam Smith said that prices should be determined by supply and demand
Which of the following groups benefited most from the Industrial Revolution? landowners and Factory Owners
Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in England? Plenty of coal and iron, good transportation systems, money to invest.
Thomas Edison produced many items but one that stands out is the lightbulb
What's the connection between the Agricultural Revolution and population growth. More food = less disease = more people
Why did many people move from farms to cities at the time of the Industrial Revolution in England and Western Europe? Increased agricultural inventions decreased the need for farm labor.
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