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M6 13-005

Exam 8: Reproductive System; Infections of the Male Reproductive System

Prostatitis Acute or chronic infection of the prostate gland
Prostatitis: Causative Organisms E. Coli, Klebeiella, Proteus, Pseudimonas, Strptococcus, N. Gonorrhoeae, C. Trachomitis
Prostatitis: Assessment Acute Phse Chronic Prostatitis
Prostatitis: Diagnostic Testing C&S, The pH of prostate fluid is generally elevated
Prostatitis: Medical Management Abx therapy: up to 16 weeks in duration. Periodic Digital Massage Sitz bath for heat Analgesics: anti-inflammatories
Prostatitis: Nursing interventions Patient Education Comfort measures Bed Rest I&O
Epididymitis: Etiology Common infection of the male reproductive tract. Can be bilateral and may recur. Bilateral epididymitis can cause sterility.
Epididymitis: Causative Organisms S. Aureus, E.Coli, Strptococcus species, N. Gonorrhea.
Epididymitis: Symptoms can occur after Trauma Instrumentation Physical Exertion Prolonged sexual activity
Epididymitis: Manifestations Sudden appearance of severe pain Pain radiates Scrotal edema and tenderness Pus in urine Chills and fever "Duck walk" or "waddling gait"
Acute vs Chronic Prostatitis Acute Bacterial Chronic Bacterial Chronic Non-Bacterial Prostatitis (Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome) Asymptomatic Inflammatory
Epididymitis: Diagnositc Tests Symptoms and physical examination of the scrotum Urinalysis-First daily flow
Epididymitis: Medical Management Bed Rest Scrotal Support Application of cold for relief of edema and discomfort ABx therapy Incision and drainage of scrotum if abscess forms
Epididymitis: Nursing Interventions Bed rest during acute phase of illness Support of testicular area Ice Compresses Patient Education
Epididymitis An infection of the cordliek excretory duct of the testicle.
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