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M6 13-005

Exam 8: Reproductive System; Intro

Male Internal Reproductive Organs Testes Epididymis Vas Deferens Seminal Vesicle Ejaculatory Duct Prostate Gland Bulbourethral Gland
Testes: Structure Paired, bilateral ovoid shaped suspended by the spermatic cord, contained within scrotum
Testes: Function Produce sperm Produce testosterone
Epididymis: Stucture Tightly coiled tube that emerges from top of each testis, leads into vas deferens
Epididymis: Function Stores sperm cells until they mature
Vas Deferens: Structure Muscular tube passes along the medial side of the testis into abdominal cavity makes up the spermatic cord ends behind urinary bladder
Vas Deferens: Function Transports sperm
Seminal Vesicle: Structure Convoluted, sac-like structure, 5cm long attached to each vas deferens at base of the bladder
Seminal Vesicle: Function secretes slightly alkaline fluid consisting of fructose and other nutrients for sperm cells. Produces 60% of the volume of semen.
Ejaculatory Duct: Structure Short tube (1 inch) beginning at seminal vesicle and ending in the prostate gland
Ejaculatory Duct: Function Transport sperm and seminal fluid to urethra
Prostate Gland: Structure Firm structure the size of a chestnut composed of muscular glandular tissue
Prostate Gland: Function Secretes thin, milky, alkaline fluid which contributes to the motility of sperm
Cowper's Glands: Structure 2 pea-sized glands under the male urethra
Cowper's Glands: Function Provide lubrication during sexual intercourse
What is the function of the Vas Deferens? To transport sperm
What is the function of the Epididymis? Stores sperm cells until they mature.
Scrotum: Structure Sac like structure 2 separate chambers each chamber encloses a testis
Scrotum: Function Provides a cooler home for the testes
Penis: Structure Shaft is composed of 3 columns of erectile tissue: (2) Corpora Cavernosa (1) Corpora Spongiosum
Penis: Function Specialized to become erect for insertion into the vagina during sexual intercourse
Ovaries: Structure Solid, ovoid shaped structures subdivided into 2 sections -medulla -Cortex
Ovaries: Location Lie bilateral to the uterus inferior to fallopian tubes
Ovaries: Function At puberty, they release progesterone and produce the female sex hormone estrogen. It releases a mature egg cell during the menstrual cycle.
Fallopian Tubes (Oviducts): Structure Pair of ducts Forms a funnel shaped region near the ovary called the infundibulum. Infundibulum is surrounded by fringe of finger-like projections called fimbrae.
Fallopian Tubes (Oviducts): Function Cilia along with peristaltic contractions of its wall move the egg cell on to the uterus.
Uterus: Structure Muscular, hollow, shaped like an inverted pear.
Layers of the uterine wall Endometrium Myometrium Perimetrium
Uterus: Function Receives and sustains developing fetus. Capable of enlarging up to 500 times.
Vagina: Structure Thin walled muscular tube-like structure Lined with mucous membranes
Vagina: Function Receives the erect penis during intercourse Conveys uterine secretions Transports offspring during birth
What are the 2 sections the ovaries are subdivided into? Medulla Cortex
Labia Majora: Structure Large fold of fatty tissue extending from the mons pubis to the perinial floor
Labia Majora: Function Protects inner structures Contains sensory nerve endings, sebaceous and sudoriferous glands
Labia Minora: Structure Smaller folds, devoid of hair that emerge anteriorly to form the prepuce of the clitoris
Labia Minora: Function Protect the openings of the vagina and urethra.
Clitoris: Structure Composed of erectile tissue
Clitoris: Function Sexual arousal
Vestibule: Structure Space enclosing the structures beneath labia minora
Vestibule: Function Contains the clitoris, urethra, hymen and vaginal opening
Accessory Glands Paraurethral or Skene's Glands Bartholin's Glands or Vestibular
Paraurethral or Skeen's Glands Responsible for secretion of mucus and are similar to the male prostate gland
Bartholin's Glands or Vestibular Lubricates the vagina for sexual intercourse
Perineum A diamond shaped area from the symphysis pubis and extends to the anus. Region that contains the reproductive structures.
What is the function of the clitoris? Sexual Arousal
What is the function of the Labia Majora? Enclose and protect other external organs.
Mammary Glands: Structure located in the subcutaneous tissue of the anterior thorax. Composed of about 15-20 lobes. Nipple surrounded by the areola
Mammary Glands: Function Specialized to secrete millk following pregnancy. Under the influence of prolactin, milk is formed. Oxytocin allows the milk to be released.
What is the function of the mammary glands? To secrete milk following pregnancy
T pigment around the nipple is called? The areola.
what is the difference between the peritoneum and the perineum? One it tis, and one it Taint!
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