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PBL limbs and back week 3 Muscles

What is the outer most layer of a muscle? A)Epicardium B) Epimysium C)Perimysium D)Endomysium B) Epimysium! (Perimysium lines each muscle fasicle and Endomysium lines each muscle fibre)
From which germ layer does skeletal muscle form from? Mesoderm
What is the plasma membrane equivilent of a muscle cell called? Sarcolemma
What is the cytoplasm of a muscle cell called? Sarcoplasm
Muscle Action potentials travel through the ____ and then down the _-______! Muscle action potentials travel through the Sarcolemma and then down the T Tubule
What protein enables the diffusing of oxygen from blood into muscle fibres? MYOGLOBIN
What is the I band and A band? I band is area of filament with only thin (actin) filaments exposed, and A band is area of entire length of thick filaments?
What is H zone? H zone is area with just thick (myosin) filaments exposed
What is a titin filament? Molecular spring like protein that connects the M line to the Z line
In muscle excitation, Ach binding to its active sites on the sarcolemma cause a opening of ____ channels that instigate an action potential down the sarcolemma and down the T-Tubles. SODIUM Channels
What are the three main mechanisms by which muscle cells produce ATP? Creatine phosphate pathway, Anaerobic Pathway and Aerobic Pathway
The reaction catalysed by creatine kinase to produce ATP is... ... Creatine phosphate + ADP --> ATP + creatine
In anaerobic generation of ATP, a glucose molecule is broken down into two molecules of what? PYRUVIC acid
During times of high excercise Pyruvic acid is converted to _____ acid Lactic Acid
What happens to pyruvic acid during AEROBIC respiation? Pyruvic acid is oxidised into CO2, ATP and H20
In aerobic respiration One molecule of glucose produces around __ molecules of ATP Aerobic respiration results in one molecule of glucose producing around 36 molecules of ATP
In anaerobic respiration, one molecule of glucose produces around __ molecules of ATP One molecule of glucose produces 2 molecules of ATP in anaerobic resp
What are the three different types of muscle fibres? Slow-Oxidative Fibres, Fast Oxidative Glycolytic Fibres, Fast Glycolytic fibres
Created by: SS1VA