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Cent America

SS 5th grade

_____ and the ____ are often hit by natural disasters Central America and Caribbean
________ _________make agriculture and tourism vital to the region’s economies. Tropical climates
______ _______ and large numbers of tourists can have negative effects on the region’s environments. Plantation farming
strip of land with water on both sides, which connects two larger bodies of land isthmus
tropical cyclone that forms over the tropical Atlantic hurricane
variety of different kinds of living things in a region or ecosystem biodiversity
business of providing food, places to stay, and other services to visitors from other places tourism
the loss of forest cover in a region that results from the trees in a forest being destroyed faster than they can grow back deforestation
connects North America and South America, separates Atlantic Ocean from Pacific Ocean, divided by Panama Canal isthmus
Includes: Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama Central America
East of Central America and includes hundreds of islands in the Caribbean Sea Caribbean
Largest countries in the Caribbean Cuba, Jamaica, and Hispaniola
Divided by several mountain ranges, highest peak = Pico Duarte in Dominican Republic, Mexico’s Sierra Madre extend south into Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras Cordillera Central mountain range in Panama Caribbean
Highest peak in Caribbean Pico Duarte in Dominican Republic
Mexico’s Sierra Madre extend south into____,____ and _____ Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras
Precipitation in the Central American highlands forms lakes and rivers: Lake Atitlan and Usumacinta River Caribbean
This region is physically unstable because of slow but steady movement of Earth’s plates: eighty active volcanoes, earthquakes are common, can lead to mudslides Caribbean
Close to large bodies of water and the Equator: region is warm and wet, trade winds (warm East winds) bring year-round rain Caribbean
________can cause great damage, threaten people’s safety, and keep visitors away They occur in summer and early fall. Hurricanes
_____ _____ in the Caribbean are home to many different tropical fish Coral Reefs
_____ is surrounded by tropical and subtropical ecosystems: tropical rain forests tropical grasslands, and cloud forests in Costa Rica Caribbean
Central American _______ have a dry season and rainy season. Highlands
Mountains block the trade winds, less rain (winter)water shortages – can’t support tropical forests, suitable for cattle ranches, have a dense population (crowded) because of dry, cool climate which allows people to grow different crops Highlands
Caribbean countries have ______ elevation Lower
Central America- some land used for _____: bauxite in Jamaica and some petroleum is produced Mining
Central America: very few ______ ________ due to small sizes of the countries Natural resources
Large scale ________ is possible in the lowlands of Central America and the Caribbean Agriculture
Caribbean plantations grow cash crops such as ____ and _____. Sugar and coffee
Pesticides and chemicals can cause _________. Water pollution
Water pollution can kill plants and _____ Animals
______ _____contaminates commercial fishing areas (Belize, Honduras) Water pollution
_________ causes the land to become useless for farming. Haiti has trouble producing food for its people and causes Native American groups to lose their homes. Deforestation
Drier areas used for raising _____ such as cattle. Livestock
_______ is most important to the economy. Tourism
______ causes dangers to region: increase in population density makes life difficult for local people and causes water shortages Tourism
Largest locations for tourism are: _____ and _____ Bahamas and Jamaica
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