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Unit 15

Ophthalmology, Endocrinology, & Medical Specialties

abrasion scrape
adrenergic activated by epinephrine
adrenocorticoid hormone manufactured in the adrenal cortex
adrenolysis destruction of the adrenal glands
adrenomegaly enlarged adrenal glands
ambiopia separate images from each eye
alopecia baldness
ambivalence unable to decide, wavering on both sides
anisocoria pupils of unequal size
blepharedema swelling of the eyelid
blepharoplasty plastic surgery of the eyelid
blepharoptosis prolapse of the upper eyelid (drooping)
blepharorrhaphy suturing of the eyelid
blepharospasm twitching eyelid
cataract opacity on the lens
chloropia seeing green
contusion bruise
corectasia dilation of the pupil
corectopia displaced pupil
corelysis destruction of the pupil
coreometer instrument used to measure pupil size
coreoplasty plastic surgery of the pupil
corneitis (keratitis) inflammation of the cornea
corneoiritis inflammation of the cornea and the iris
corneoscleral pertaining to the cornea and the sclera
cyclokeratitis inflammation of the ciliary body adn the cornea
cycloplegia paralysis of the ciliary body
cytophagy destruction of other cells by phagocytes (cytophagia, phagocytosis)
dacryoadenalgia pain in the tear gland
dacryocystitis inflammation of the tear sac
dacryocystoptosis prolapse of the tear sac
dacryocystotome instrument for incision of a tear sac
dacryolith calculus in the tear duct or sac
dacryoma tumor of the lacrimal tissue
dacryopyorrhea discharge of pus from the tear gland
degeneration breakdown due to aging
diabetes disease characterized by hyperglycemia anf lack of insulin
diascope a glass plate used to look through to examine the skin
diopter measurement unit of refraction
diplopia double vision
edema swelling
endocrine glands that secrete hormones
endocrinologist specialist in the study and treatment of disorders of the endocrine system
epinephrine hormone produced by the adrenal medulla
erythropia seeing red
esotropia condition in which the eyes point inward (cross-eyed)
estrogen female hormone (steroid)
euphoria feeling good
evulsion a tearing away
exotropia condition in which the eyes point outward
fracture break
endocrinology the science studying the endocrine system
glaucoma condition in which the intraocular aqueous humor pressure is high (angle, angle closure, & congenital)
hormones substances secreted by endocrine glands that affect body processes
hyperglycemia high blood sugar
hyperopia farsightedness
hypertropia condition in which the eyes point downward
hyperthyroidism underactive thyroid condition
insulin pacreatic protein hormone
iridalgia iris pain
iridectomy excision of the iris
iridocele herniation of the iris
iridomalacia softening of the iris
iridoplegia (iridoparalysis) paralysis of the iris
iridoptosis prolapse of the iris
iridorrhexis rupture of the iris
keratectasia protusion of a thin scarred cornea
keratorrhexis rupture of the cornea
keratoscleritis inflammation of the cornea and sclera
keratotomy incision into the cornea
laceration (v. lacerate) a cut
lacrimal pertaining to tearing
lacrimation tearing (dacryorrhea)
macrophage large phagocyte
macular pertaining to the macula of hte eye
microphage small phagocyte
myopia nearsightedness
nasolacrimal pertaining to hte nasal passages and the tear ducts
onychocryptosis ingrown nail
onychoid resembling a nail
onychoma nail tumor
onychomalacia softening of the nails
onychomycosis fungus infection of the nail
onychophagia nail biting
ophthalmalgia (ophthalmodynia) eye pain
ophthalmic pertaining to the eye
ophthalmocele herniation of the eye
ophthalmologist physician specialist in treatment of eye disease
ophthalmometer instrument used to measure the eye
ophthalmopathy any eye disease
ophthalmoplasty surgical repair of the eye
ophthalmoplegia ocular muscle paralysis
ophthalmoscope intrument used to examine the interior of the eye
ophthalmoscopy process of using an ophthalmoscope
optic pertaining to vision
optometrist specialist in assessing and treating visual acuity problems and other eye diseases (limited license)
optometry the measurement of vision and the practice perfprmed by the optometrist
paronychia condition of infection around a nail
phacocele protrusion of the lens of the eye
phascoemulsification procedure to disintegrate the lens for insertion of lens implant
phagocyte cell that eats cells (macrophage, leukocyte)
phorometer instrument used to measure ocular muscle movement
phoropter instrument used to measure prescription strength for lenses
presbyopia old eye, loss of accommodation
puncture to make a hole
retinal pertaining to the retina
retinitis inflammation of the retina
retinopexy (retinoplasty) fixation of a detached retina
retinoscope (skiascopy) instrument used to look at the retina
sclerectomy excision of the sclera
sclerostomy make an opening in the sclera
steroid lipid bipregulator hormone
strabismus malposition of the eye
suprarenal upon the kidney, refers to the adrenal glands
testosterone (androgen) hormone produced in the testes
thyroidectomy excision of the thyroid
thyroxine thyroid hormone
traumatology the study of wound treatment
trichoglossia condition of hair growth on hte tongue
trichoid resembling hair
trichophagia condition in which the person bites on or eats hair
trichophobia fear of hair growth (facial hair on women) or touching hair
uremia urine products in the blood
xanthopia see yellow
trichopathy any hair disease
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