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tubes and tests

color top lab tubes and tests done/ ch 30

Lavender CBC; sed rate(ESR); HbgA1C
Light Blue PT/PTT/INR
Mint Green STAT Chemestries:
Green ammonia; pH; O2 level; carboxyhemoglobin
Sterile Blood culture tubes Blood cultures
Red Drug levels; blood bank testing(type&screen;type&match;blood type)
Red speckled Routine chemestries: CMP;liver panel;hepatitis panel; thyroid panel; amylase;lipase, lipid panel, cardiac panel
Gold Routine chemestries: CMP; liver panel; hepatitis panel; thyroid panel;amylase;lipase, lipid panel, cardiac panel
Gray Glucose studies; lactic acid
pink cbc, type and screen; type and match; type
glucose studies includes fasting blood glucose; post prandial blood glucose; glucose tolerance test
basic metabolic test includes Na;K;Cl;CO2;glucose;BUN;creatinine
specific for kidney function BUN and creatinine
hepatic profile (liver) total and direct bilirubin; total protein;ALT; AST; LDH; GGT; ALP
thyroid panel T3; T4; TSH
Cardiac profile LDH;CPK; AST; Troponin
lipid profile total cholesterol; LDL; HDL; triglycerides
evaluates the pancreas amylase and lipase
universal donor O-
universal receiver AB+
the clumping together of cells agglutination
protein found on RBC antigen
pregnant women who are Rh negative will receive what during their pregnancy RhoGam
normal level for total cholesterol under 200mg/dL
HDL high density lipoprotein or good cholesterol
normal HDL level 40-60mg/dL
LDL low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol
ideal LDL level under 100mg/dL
mononucleosis is caused by EBV: Epstein Barr Virus
mono is nicknamed the kissing disease
S&S of mono extreme fatigue, sore throat, fever, headaches, body aches; enlarged liver and spleen
when testing for EBV, if IgG is positive it indicates past exposure or infection
When testing for EBV, if IgM is positive it indicates current infection
rapid mono test that is done in the office, results in five minutes
most chemistries require what kind of sample serum
a serum sample is obtained from a clotted blood sample and is plasma without the clotting factors
a plasma sample is obtained from an anticoagulated blood sample and has clotting factors
test done to determine if a pregnant woman has gestational diabetes GTT (glucose tolerance test)
normal FBS( fasting blood glucose) 70-120mg/dL
insulin is secreted by the beta cells of the pancreas
autoimmune disease that attacks the cells of the pancreas that secrete insulin diabetes type 1
diabetes that occurs later in life and is directly related to obesity diabetes type 2
test that evaluates glucose levels over 8-12 weeks HgbA1C
headache, clammy skin, shakiness, confusion, irritability, hunger are s&s of hypoglycemia
increased thirst, glucose and ketones in the urine, nausea, vomiting, fruity breath are s&s of hyperglycemia
renal profile evaluates the kidneys
lipid profile evaluates cholesterol
cardiac profile evauates damage done to the cardiac muscle
hepatic profile evaluates liver
pale yellow DNA; paternity testing
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