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phleb ch1-4

hcts ch 1-4 phelb question and answers

What are 2 major types of therapy? polycythemia and hemochromatosis
What is polycythemia? an over production of RBC's
What is hemochromatosis? access of iron deposits throughout the body
What are 2 major types of phlebotomy? vein puncture and skin puncture
What is vein puncture? entering a vein w/ an instrument to obtain blood. ex. multi sample needle, syringe, butterfly
What is skin puncture? fingerstick: lancet; tenderfoot: primarily on infants "heelstick"; TB test: syringe; Bleeding time test: simplate
What is the difference between a short and long robed barber surgeon? Short robed performed everything except surgery, Long robed performed everything including surgery
What were the crude tools that were used? bleeding bowls, fleams, and leeches
What is the main purpose of phlebotomy? to diagnosis disease
What are CEU's? continuing education units; keeps certifications up to date
What are phlebotomist labeled in the lab? the ambassadors of the lab
What are two types of healthcare? inpatient and outpatient
What are inpatient facilities? a hospital
What are outpatient facilities? a lab, clinic, or nursing home
What are the levels of healthcare? primary, secondary, and tertiary
What is the medical lab technician? a scientist
What are 2 major sections of the lab? Clinical analysis and Anatomical & Surgical pathology
What is clinical analysis? the testing of all blood and bodily fluids
What does hematology do? test blood and blood forming tissues
what does coagulation do? test ability of blood to form/dissolve clots
what does chemistry do? lab tests; sub dep: immunoassay special chem and toxicology
what does serology/immunology do? test serum and autoimmune reactions
what does urinalysis do? test urine
What does microbiology do? tests microorganisms in body fluids and tissue
What does blood ban/immunohematology do? test blood for trans fusions
What is anatomical and surgical pathology? analysis of tissues and cells and they do autopsies
What does histology do? studies microscopic structures of tissues
What does cytology do? studies the structures of cells
What does cytogenetics do? studies chromosomal deficiencies and genetic disease
What is joint commission? checks timelyness of specimens, focuses on improving safety for pt's and residents, establishes standards for operation
What is College of American Pathologist (CAP)? are all board certified pathologist, offers proficiency testing and lab inspections, designed for pathology/lab services only, meets Medicare and Medicaid standards
What is Clinical Lab Improvement Amendments of '88? made improvements for workers, federal regulation passed by congress
What is Clinical Lab Standard Institute? global, non-profit, standard developing organization
What is the max time aloud based on CLSI for a specimen to sit? max of 2 hours
What is the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Lab Sciences? is the authority on educational quality
What is Quality Assurance? appropriateness, applicability, timeliness
What is documentation? name, date, time
What is the Laboratory Procedure Manual? manuel that states policies and procedures for each test/procedure
What is the Safety Manual? contains all hazardous, chemical, electrical, fire, etc. safety steps
What are legal issues? wrongful act against a person, property, or reputation
What are some types of legal issues? assault, battery, fraud, invasion of privacy, malpractice, negligence, standard of care, vicarious liability, respondant superior, Res Ipsa Loquitur(speaks for itself), etc.
What is implied consent? act first, ask later
What is expressed consent? knowing what will be done and the risk before hand
What is needed when testing someone for HIV a consent form; no consent form = no draw
what is infection? when microorganisms invade the body, multiply, and cause ingury or disease
what is a microbe? bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses
What is a pathogen? microbe capable of causing disease
What is the chain of infection? infectious agent>reservoir>exit pathway>means of transmission>entry pathway>susceptible host
How do you break the chain of infection? hand washing, PPE, shots, etc.
When do you use a N95 Hepa Respirator? when pt's have TB and other airbourne transmissions
What is the order of putting on PPE? gown, mask, gloves
What is the order of taking off PPE? Gloves, gown, mask, then wash hands
what are isolation procedures? they prevent the spread of infection
What are biohazards? any material substance harmful to health
what are the biohazard colors? black on florescent red-orange
how long can hepatitis last on a dry surface? 1 week
What cleaner is used to clean up blood? a 1 part bleach to 10 part water solution
What does p.a.s.s stand for? pull pin, aim nozzle, squeeze trigger, sweep nozzle at base of fire
what does r.a.c.e stand for? remove, alarm, confine, extinguish
What is a class a fire? paper or cloth
what is a class b fire? flammable liquids, oils, paints
what is a class c fire? electrical
what is a class d fire? explosive metals (ex. d battery)
what is a class k fire? kitchen media, animal fat lard
what is radiation safety? distance, shielding, time
what is chemical safety? chemicals to preserve and chemicals used to disinfect, cautions and rules in MSDS(black and yellow)
What does the color red mean on the national fire label? flammability signal
what does the color blue mean on the national fire label? health signal
what does the color yellow mean on the national fire label? reactivity signal
what is a prefix? comes in front of the root word
what is a root word? usually an organ
what is a suffix? comes after the root word
who are the people in the lab? phlebotomist, tech supervisor, med tech, med lab tech, pathologist
what does AFB stand for? acid fast bacillus
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