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Ch. 20 Globalization Test Review

What are the 4 areas of globalization? Science/Technology, Culture, Economics, and Politics/Security
International Space Station Cooperative science lab in space
Internet Voluntary linkage of computer networks around the world
Genetic Engineering Introduction of new genes into an organism to give that organism new traits
Cloning Creation of identical copies of DNA, the chemical chains of genes that determine heredity
Green Revolution The attempt to increase food production worldwide
Developed Nations Nations with the industrialization, transportation, and business facilities for advanced production of manufactured goods
Emerging Nations Nations in the process of becoming industrialized
Example of a Developed Nation Australia
Example of an Emerging Nation China
Global Economy All financial interactions among people, business, and governments that cross international borders
Free Trade Elimination of trade barriers, such as tariffs, among nations
Tariff Tax on imported goods
What does NAFTA stand for? North American Free Trade Agreement
What countries are involved in NAFTA? USA, Canada, and Mexico
What does NAFTA do? Removes tariffs on goods between the US, Canada, and Mexico
What does the World Trade Organization do? Ensures trade among nations flows as smoothly and as freely as possible
Ozone Layer Main protection against the Sun's damaging ultraviolet rays
Sustainable Growth Meeting current economic needs while preserving and conserving the environment
Proliferation Prevent the spread of nuclear weapons to other countries
Universal Declaration of Human Rights Established the standards for human rights in all nations
Political Dissent Difference of opinion over political issues
Gender Inequality The difference between men and women in terms of wealth and status
Refugees People who leave their country for safety because they have no home
Terrorism Use of violence against people or property to force changes in societies or governments, strikes fear in the hearts of people everywhere
Cyberterrorism Politically motivated attacks on information systems, such as hijacking into computer networks or spreading computer viruses
USA Patriot Act Antiterrorism bill signed by President George W. Bush after the 9/11 attacks
Created by: haynesad