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Obiol Renaissance

Chapter 17

What was the purpose of indulgences given by the Pope? to save people from sins
Florence grew wealthy through __________. banking
____________________ painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo
What did King Henry IV of France agree to do to remain in power? convert to Catholicism
Who was Leonardo da Vinci? an Italian scientist and artist
John Calvin taught that God decides ________________________ who goes to heaven.
When did the Renaissance spread to northern Europe? the late 1400's
a time of rebirth in art and learning Renaissance
developed a printing press with moveable type Johannes Gutenberg
English playwright who wrote tragedies and comedies William Shakespeare
Italian city-states became wealthy through ________. trade
What does it mean that people became more secular during the Renaissance? they focused on this world
tried to make England a Catholic country Mary I
Why did Protestantism succeed? some kings supported it
the study of questions about God theology
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella joined two kingdoms in Spain
____________________ showed artistic and intellectual genius. Leonardo da Vinci
Desiderius Erasmus wanted _________________ all people to be able to read the Bible.
King Henry VIII ____________________ beheaded two Queens
During the ________________________________ 2,000 Spaniards were executed. Spanish Inquisition
_______________________________ taught that faith in Jesus would get a person into heaven. Lutheranism
a wealthy Italian city that played an important role in the Renaissance Florence
wealthy merchants and old nobles were blended in Italy by marriage
Streets in Venice were canals and waterways
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